WayV To Return With Variety Show 'WayVision Season 2' On February 22

WayV To Return With Variety Show 'WayVision Season 2' On February 22

WayV's solo reality show 'WayVision' season 2 has released a teaser featuring the unique colors of the 7 members of WayV.

The 7 passionate people, including Lucas with outstanding physicality and Ten with the strongest desire to win, are drawing attention as they herald a unique high-tension winter sports competition.

Seezn's original web entertainment show 'WayVision 2' released a character teaser video showing the members' individuality through the mobile app Seezn on February 17.

WayVision is a solo reality program by global idol group WayV. In 'WayVision' Season 2, the members enjoy various activities such as traditional ice sledding and Sancheoneo fishing, along with winter sports competitions in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do.

WaveV is a multinational subgroup of NCT, consisting of a total of 7 boys, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang, and has emerged as a top rookie since their debut in 2019 and is loved by both domestic and foreign fans.

The released teaser video began with Ten's "best desire to win" saying, "It's an individual match from now on." The members of WayV, who entered the snowy winter sports stadium, were depicted full of individuality in a fiery match to hunt for gold medals in earnest.

Kun, the caring eldest brother, showed off his ambition to turn the tables, while Ten, the strongest player in the game, showed off his spirit with his passionate eyes and unstoppable speed.

Winwin, a chick who dreams of becoming an eagle, showed the standard of fairy aura with a strange but realistic look. Lucas boasted the qualities of a strong candidate for the championship with his outstanding physique, saying, "I'm the first."

On the other hand, Xiaojun, who expressed his confidence and desire to win by saying, "I'm really good at sports," fell around and drew laughter, and Hendery makes fans look forward to his performance as a "entertainment character." Lastly, the youngest Yangyang shows his cuteness throughout his playful way.

As such, fans' expectations are amplified with the 7-color charm of the WayV members, and the friendship chemistry they will show.

WayV's exclusive reality show 'WayVision' Season 2 will be released every Monday and Tuesday at 6 PM KST on the KT mobile OTT service 'Seezn' app, and anyone can watch it for free regardless of the carrier they are using.