The Top 52 Trainees Of “Boys Planet” And 1st Eliminations Revealed

The Top 52 Trainees Of “Boys Planet”  And 1st Eliminations Revealed

“Boys Planet” has revealed the results of their first global vote!

Last week, Mnet’s “Boys Planet” aired the second half of the cover battle mission between K-Group and G-Group.

On the March 2 broadcast of “Boys Planet,” the first ranking ceremony was held, revealing the first eliminations. In addition to only 52 out of 93 trainees making it to the next round, this was the first official announcement of the top nine contestants.

Announcing the rankings was star master Yeo Jin Goo, who revealed that the first “Boys Planet” global vote was conducted in 176 countries. In total, the first round recorded 52,434,522 votes over the voting period of 20 days. Along with the main prize of the final top nine trainees making it into the debut lineup, Yeo Jin Goo also announced that the trainee placing first overall would earn the “killing part” in the group’s debut track and a solo song on their debut album.

The rankings were revealed by team rather than by order, with the top nine and No. 52 being saved for last.

Check out the top 52 contestants below!

1. Sung Han Bin (STUDIO GL1DE)
2. Seok Matthew (MNH Entertainment)
3. Kim Ji Woong (Individual Trainee)
4. Han Yu Jin (Yuehua Entertainment)
5. Zhang Hao (Yuehua Entertainment)
6. Kim Gyu Vin (Yuehua Entertainment)
7. Lee Hoe Taek (Cube Entertainment)
9. Jay (FM Entertainment)

10. Park Gun Wook (Jellyfish Entertainment)
11. Kim Tae Rae (WAKEONE)
12. Ricky (Yuehua Entertainment)
13. Lee Da Eul (143inc)
14. Kum Jun Hyeon (Redstart ENM)
15. Takuto (YY Entertainment)
16. Haruto (WAKEONE)
17. Yoo Seung Eon (Yuehua Entertainment)
18. Seo Won (FirstOne Entertainment)
19. Anthonny (WAKEONE)
20. Lee Seung Hwan (Individual Trainee)
21. Hiroto (RBW)
22. Park Han Bin (WAKEONE)
23. Mun Jung Hyun (WAKEONE)
24. Bak Do Ha (Cube Entertainment)
25. Cha Woong Ki (WAKEONE)
26. Chen Kuan Jui (Individual Trainee)
27. Jung Min Gyu (CABIN74)
28. Ollie (Yuehua Entertainment)
29. Wang Zi Hao (CHROMOSOME)
30. Lim Jun Seo (143inc)
31. Na Kamden (FNC Entertainment)
32. Ma Jing Xiang (Individual Trainee)
33. Dang Hong Hai (fantagio)
34. Oh Sung Min (WAKEONE)
35. Cong (Individual Trainee)
36. Zhang Shuai Bo (WELL Entertainment)
37. Krystian (Individual Trainee)
38. Yoon Jong Woo (Individual Trainee)
39. Lee Jeong Hyeon (WAKEONE)
40. Lee Dong Yeol (TOPMEDIA)
41. Brian (Yuehua Entertainment)
43. Wumuti (JPark&Company)
44. Park Ji Hoo (H1GHR MUSIC)
45. Chen Jian Yu (STAR ON Entertainment)
46. Lee Hwan Hee (TOPMEDIA)
47. Ji Yun Seo (Yuehua Entertainment)
48. Lee Dong Gun (GREAT M Entertainment)
49. Park Hyun Been (Jellyfish Entertainment)
50. Cai Jin Xin (TOPCLASS Entertainment)
51. Choi Woo Jin (Redstart ENM)
52. Jeong I Chan (Individual Trainee)

The second global vote period for “Boys Planet” is open now until March 17 at 10 a.m. KST. The next episode of “Boys Planet” airs on March 9 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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Source: Soompi