Chinese Trainees On 'Boys Planet' Under Controversy For Blatantly Ignoring And Isolating A Korean Trainee

Chinese Trainees On 'Boys Planet' Under Controversy For Blatantly Ignoring And Isolating A Korean Trainee

Viewers and fans of 'Boys Planet' are furious after watching Chinese trainees blatantly ignore a Korean trainee during the performance preparation stage.

On the February 16 episode of Mnet's 'Boys Planet,' the trainees were divided into groups for a group battle round. During the preparation stage, the G group picked Na Kamden as the leader since he could speak both Korean and English.

After the G group chose Na Kamden as the leader, Na Kamden quickly took the lead and began allocating the parts for the members. This was when the rude actions started. Even though the Chinese contestants can all speak English and a bit of Korean, they began speaking in Chinese, which Na Kamden does not speak.

Despite Na Kamden being the leader and trying to lead the group by speaking to them in English, Krystian, Ricky, and Chen Jian Yu continued to discuss amongst themselves in Chinese, blatantly leaving out Na Kamden.

Many Korean viewers were angered by the Chinese trainees speaking in Mandarin. Many criticized that Krystian, who speaks English, was clearly ostracizing Na Kamden by intentionally leading the discussion in Chinese rather than in English, even though Na Kamden constantly attempted to join the discussion in English.

Na Kamden asked in English, "What are you guys talking about right now?" but Krystian would refuse to explain and would just say, "No rush, no rush," back to him in English.

During the one-to-one interview, Na Kamden expressed his frustration explaining that it would have been better if he could communicate with the team better.

After watching the episode, many Korean viewers criticized the Chinese trainees and commented, "If you want to speak all in Chinese like that, why did you choose to appear in a Korean idol competition show?" "They are blatantly ignoring Na Kamden," "They are being so rude," "Krystian clearly knows how to speak English but he keeps talking to the other Chinese members in Chinese on purpose, and he expects votes from Korean viewers?" "Don't blame all the Chinese trainees - it was mainly Krystian," and "This is hard to say it's one of the Mnet evil edits because they are clearly speaking only in Chinese on purpose."

Source: Allkpop