BTS To Greet Fans On KBS' 2021 Special Talkshow 'Let's BTS' On March 29

BTS To Greet Fans On KBS' 2021 Special Talkshow 'Let's BTS' On March 29

BTS, who comforted the world and the people who were disappointed by the COVID-19 pandemic, will come back with a talk show of their name in late March.

BTS was the first K-Pop group to top the U.S. Billboard's main chart Hot 100 with their single 'Dynamite', offering comfort and hope to the world, as well as being nominated for the 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' category at the '63rd Grammy Awards' in March.

In response, KBS will plan a special feature featuring all 7 members of BTS, titled '2021 Special Talk Show [Let's BTS]' to highlight the message of comfort and hope they have delivered so far.

In particular, it is the first public talk show named BTS since their debut, drawing attention.

"Through this [Let's BTS], we will not only capture BTS's aspect as a global artist, but also the honest stories of 7 young people surviving this era. They will talk about stories that we have never seen or heard anywhere else, share about each other's innermost thoughts in a variety of ways," the production team said.

It seems to be a special feature that talks about'BTS' and'the comfort they convey to the world' in a friendly and kind manner to viewers.

[Let's BTS] is said to show BTS's live performance as well as talk. "We are preparing a special stage that is different from the previous one. It will be a place where you can feel the power of comfort that they convey through music," they said, drawing keen attention.

In addition, there will be a surprise appearance of celebrities, adding to the growing curiosity.

Meanwhile, the fresh chemistry between BTS and Shin Dong Yup is expected to be another fun point, as Shin Dong Yup, "the god of talk show" will be the sole MC. Jang Do Yeon, who has recently emerged as a trend, will also join a special section of the program.

The '2021 Special Talk Show [Let's BTS]' will be a special gift for the people and the world, and will be broadcast on KBS 2TV at 10:40 PM KST on March 29.