10 Most-loved Entertainment Artists Chosen By The South Korean Public

10 Most-loved Entertainment Artists Chosen By The South Korean Public

The media outlet Daily Sports surveyed many Koreans of different ages to find out who their favorite entertainment artists are in 2020.

To mark its 7th anniversary, Daily Sports, a media outlet, commissioned Market Link to organize a survey to find out about the Korean public's preferences in 2020. This survey was conducted from October 20 to November 1, on 1050 adults (from 18 to 69 years old) living in 17 cities and provinces across the country.

In addition to surveys on politics, sports, material life... the category that receives the most attention is the one about entertainment. Accordingly, this survey has found the public's Top 10 favorite artists of 2020. Let's find out who they are!

No.10: 0.9% of the votes

Choi Bool Am
Kim Hee Sun
Kang Ho Dong
Ahn Sung Ki
Jun Ji Hyun

No.9: 1.2% of the votes

Lee Hyori
Lim Young Woong

No.8: 1.3% of the votes

Hyun Bin

No.7: 1.4% of the votes

Kim Hye Soo

No.6: 1.8% of the votes

Park Bo Gum

No.5: 2.2% of the votes

Gong Yoo

No.4: 2.5% of the votes

Na Hoon Ah

No.3: 3.5% of the votes


No.2: 3.9% of the votes


No.1: 8.6% of the votes

Yoo Jae Suk

From the Top 10 above, we can see that BTS is the only idol group named mentioned. Last year, the group was at No.6, and they made it to No.2 this year. Besides, on this list, there are 3 female idols, IU, Suzy and Lee Hyori. In the past 2 years, IU always ranked second, but this year our "nation's little sister" took a step back. Meanwhile, many Korean netizens are not surprised with Lee Hyori being on the list, as she's a legend. They are more excited to see Suzy - a K-Pop female idol and actress who is increasingly proving her influence in South Korea.

Here are some of Knet's comments about the list:

  • "Yoo Jae Suk is really a legend."
  • "I like all the artists on this list."
  • "Yoo Jae Suk's popularity has always been stable and sustainable over time."
  • "Congratulations to BTS!"
  • "No one can disprove this list."
  • "No TWICE here?"
  • "Lim Young Woong is new but he is amazing!"
  • "Wow, Suzy's ranking is really good."
  • "TWICE and BLACKPINK aren't here, I guess they probably don't have that much influence in South Korea."
  • "As expected, Yoo Jae Suk is number 1 and BTS number 2. Congratulations to all."