YG Is Such A House of Monster Rookies With These Greatest All-kill Debut Songs

YG Is Such A House of Monster Rookies With These Greatest All-kill Debut Songs

YG's idols have long been famous for being strong in digital music. When it comes to digital music achievements, the quality of music is the most important factor.

This implicitly confirms that YG's music quality is always carefully invested. From 2012 up to now, YG's debut artists have all owned the All-kill title right from the product launch.

2012: Lee Hi -

Lee Hi is a golden name in the digital music scene. With a very powerful and charismatic voice, she won the runner-up award at Kpop Star in the first season. Joining YG, Lee Hi debuted with the song "". This song also quickly became a hit with an impressive digital record: All-kill after only 6 hours of release. As a talented vocalist, Lee Hi's frequency of activities is extremely sparse. Recently, after the product "No One" in collaboration with B.I, Lee Hi has officially said goodbye to YG.

2014: AKDONG MUSICIAN - 200%

Also participating in the Kpop Star program, Akdong Musician won 1st in season 2. After returning to the YG family, the AKMU brothers debuted with 200%. This track won the All-kill title with ease. With the taste of music favored by Koreans, since their debut until now, the group has always achieved impressive digital music achievements. The newest product "How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love" earned AKMU the title of Perfect All-kill after 2 years of absence.

2014: WINNER - Empty

Coming out of "Who Is Next?" as the winning group, WINNER debuted with "Empty". The group is famous for the title "dinosaur rookie" thanks to its record achievement on the fast music show - 6 days. "Empty" also quickly earned WINNER the first All-kill in his career.

2015: iKON - My type

iKON used to be WINNER's rival team at "Who Is Next?". The group debuted in 2015 with the song "My Type". This song also follows the "tradition" of the seniors and seniors, helping iKON get the All-kill title right from the debut.

2016: BLACKPINK - Whistle

Not only at All-kill, but BLACKPINK's debut song "Whistle" has also achieved the Perfect All-kill certificate. This is the first Kpop debut song to achieve this achievement. After a successful debut, BLACKPINK continues to maintain its form and is currently one of the most successful 3rd generation Kpop girl groups.

2018: Jennie - SOLO

Whether working with BLACKPINK or separating as a solo, Jennie also proves her strong charm. The proof is that in 2018, when she debuted solo with the song "SOLO", Jennie achieved a series of impressive achievements. Among them, the song reached All-kill on the digital music chart.