Will You Accept BLACKPINK's Invitation In Their Latest 'Addidas' CF?

Will You Accept BLACKPINK's Invitation In Their Latest 'Addidas' CF?

Why not? They

BLACKPINK have suited up in chic, classic 'Addidas Originals' for their latest CF film! It was quite a refreshing image of BLACKPINK throughout the CF because before this, they spent lots of time showing off each member's luxurious, glamorous sides when they model for famous high-end clothes.

Titled 'Watch Us Move', the casual CF film invites fans to get up and get physical with the BLACKPINK girls. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Rosé is set to debut solo later this month on March 12 at 12 AM KST.

Do you love seeing BLACKPINK endorsing 'Addidas'? Let's take a look at some of their previous promoting pictures with Adidas below.


10+ Times BLACKPINK Stunned Everyone With Their Fierce To Cute Duality

Every BLACKPINK member is capable of pulling off numerous kinds of concepts. No matter if it’s fierce, sentimental, cute, or in between, they can do it all!

In fact, they can go from one expression to another in just a second. Check out the following instances as proof!

1. Jisoo

She can bulldoze her way into our hearts.

From Hot

To Cute

2. Lisa

She’s an iconic dance mentor.

From Her Sexy “LOVER” Stage

To Her Fun “Intentions” Stage

3. Jennie

Her photos are the best!

From Sentimental

To Bright

4. Rosé

She’s as pretty as flowers.

From Cheeky

To Charming

5. Jisoo

She kills it on stage.

From Smoking Hot

To Smoking Adorable

6. Lisa

Comfy Lisa is the best Lisa.

From Christmas Poses

To Christmas Cheer

7. Jennie

She’s gorgeous even in a plain white shirt.

From Captivating

To Candy Sweet

8. Rosé

She knows how to pose.

From Intense

To Lovable

9. Lisa

Lisa’s selfie game is strong.

From Fierce

To Lovely

10. Jennie

One word: stunning.

From Alluring

To Endearing

11. Rosé

She’s 100% loveable.

From Everyone’s School Crush

To The Girl Next Door

12. Jisoo

And lastly, Jisoo’s duality is crazy!

From Vixen

To Kitten

BLACKPINK is iconic in every way!