Why Is YG Entertainment Predicted to Have Highest Sales Growth Rate in the 1st Quarter of 2021?

Why Is YG Entertainment Predicted to Have Highest Sales Growth Rate in the 1st Quarter of 2021?

YG Entertainment, which is home to some of the biggest K-pop acts like BLACKPINK, iKON, and BIGBANG, placed first on the list of expected sales growth rates in the first quarter of 2021 of broadcasting and entertainment companies.

YG Entertainment Would Rank No. 1 Concerning Sales and Profit in the First Quarter of 2021

On May 9, Korean media outlet The Value News reported that YG Entertainment has the highest expected sales growth rate in the first quarter of 2021, from January to March, among the entertainment and broadcasting agencies in Korea.

YG Entertainment

(Photo : YG Entertainment Facebook)

The news outlet stated that the sales in the first quarter of BLACKPINK's agency are estimated to rise by 30.49% compared to the record in the same period last year, according to a survey by the Buffett Research Institute that specializes in corporate analysis. The company is said to earn 68.9 billion won from the activities in the first three months of the year.

After YG Entertainment is Wysiwyg Studios with an increase of 29.82%, SBS with 12.07%, Studio Dragon Corporation with 5.15%, and LG HelloVision Corp. with 4.52%.


(Photo : iKON Twitter)

In addition to sales, TREASURE's company is also projected to see an escalation in operating and net profits in the first quarter of 2021. The Value News said that the label would gain 5.2 billion won in operating profit and 2.7 billion won in net profit.

YG Entertainment's Expected Future Results after BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, and TREASURE Join Weverse

The Korean media outlet went on to say that YG Entertainment would also have an improvement in earnings through the launch of Weverse accounts of BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, and TREASURE. Previously, iKON's label formed a strategic partnership with HYBE (formerly called Big Hit Entertainment) to create a connection between them in several fields, including media platforms and content distribution.

Through this alliance, YG Entertainment will extend its artist influence and global reach through HYBE's Weverse, a new fan community platform. Moreover, YG entrusted Weverse with the right to sell its artists' goods.


(Photo : TREASURE Twitter)

TREASURE, YGE's new boy group, joined the Weverse Shop at the same time as their debut in Japan at the end of March. In the second half of the year, BLACKPINK and BIGBANG are scheduled to enter Weverse.

With this, it is predicted that the sales of MD, which was held generally offline, will rise significantly through the expansion of the distribution channel to Weverse.

YG Entertainment is projected to record 10 billion won in music revenue in the first quarter of 2201. A total of 980,000 copies were already sold, including a portion of BLACKPINK's regular album, Rosé's solo debut single "R," and TREASURE's single album. Digital content sales are also said to rise by 14.7%, earning 11.4 billion won.


(Photo : BLACKPINK Instagram)

Activities of the YG artists are expected to continue in the coming months. TREASURE would release new single albums in the second and third quarters, following their first studio album, "The First Step: Treasure Effect," which was launched on Jan. 11. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is said to make a comeback in the second half of 2021.

What are your thoughts about these predictions?


The TOP 5 Most Luxurious Idol Dorms, And The Groups That Inhabit Them

1. BTS in Hannam The Hill

BTS’s dorm is located in Yongsan, Seoul within Hannam The Hill, one of the most expensive apartment complexes in Korea. It is located in the heart of Seoul and strictly controls access for extra security.

Source: Twitter

Many of Korea’s most famous celebrities and wealthy businessmen such as PSY, Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Seung Chul, Han Hyo Joo, Choo Ja Hyun, Park Hyo Shin, the former president of Doosan Group, director of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and vice president of Kumho Tire also live in the apartment complex. BTS is known to be living in the apartment under a monthly contract that costs anywhere between $14,000~18,000 USD per month.

Source: Twitter

The apartment complex is equipped with a screen golf arena, swimming pool, gym, sauna as well as a cafe, study room and guest house. There are also various artworks on display throughout the apartment community center.

Source: Twitter

Simply put, the apartment is fit for a king and the BTS members are kings indeed!

Source: Samwon Space & Design

While the members have begun to branch out and get their own apartments, they still frequent their dorm, even filming their Run BTS episodes in it!


TWICE’s dorm is a duplex apartment that is spacious enough for all 9 members. The dorm has been revealed through TWICE’s live broadcasts.

Instead of going out to get their hair and makeup done, they conveniently get everything done on their basement floor.

The TWICE members share 5 rooms with 2-3 people per room and there are a total of 6 (!) bathrooms.


Not only do they have a spacious living room…

…all BLACKPINK members have their own room, each with a patio!

4. fromis_9

Fromis_9 also has a considerably nice dorm, which is also a duplex-style apartment. Although they share rooms with bunk beds, the apartment is very nicely furnished and has a modern look.

They even have a large table, sufficient for the 9 members and a nice patio where they can enjoy a relaxing time in the sun!


ENHYPEN revealed their dorm through their reality show, and surprised fans with just how big it is. Their living room showcased a large, open area, perfect for seven members to gather.

unnamed (4)

Their bathroom included both a tub and a shower…

unnamed (6)

And their kitchen was sleek, modern, and included a table large enough to have all seven members eat together.

unnamed (5)