BLACKPINK Fans’ Unedited Photos Show Rosé’s Real-Life Beauty At YSL’s Store

BLACKPINK Fans’ Unedited Photos Show Rosé’s Real-Life Beauty At YSL’s Store

No filters for this beautiful queen.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé attended the opening of Yves Saint Laurent‘s new flagship store in Seoul, and a few lucky fans were there to capture her visit on camera.

Rosé attending the YSL event

In June 2020, Rosé made history when YSL fashion selected her as their global ambassador. She is the brand’s first-ever global ambassador since it was founded 59 years ago. Over the last year, Rosé has been slaying YSL outfits and boosting the brand with her incredible star power.

| Saint Laurent/YouTube

Rosé arrived at the YSL flag store in a gorgeous, black outfit that screamed, “CEO.” It emphasized her slender, sky-high legs…

…and beautiful blonde hair.

Fans’ close-up shots prove that Rosé doesn’t need filters — filters need Rosé! Her bright complexion is as smooth as glass.

As always, Rosé ended her visit by showing BLINKs and reporters some love.

Until next time, Queensé!


BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Her Favorite Lyrics From Her Song “On The Ground”

In a recent interview with ASTRO‘s Rocky, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé revealed her favorite lyrics from her song “On The Ground.”


Rosé was asked in the interview, “During fansigns, you said you hoped for fans to pay attention to the lyrics in the song. Which part of the lyrics is your favorite?

Rosé shared that the pre-chorus is her favorite!

In the pre-chorus part, ‘I worked my whole life. Everything I need is on the ground.’

— Rosé

Rosé then explained the meaning of these lyrics and why she loves them.

The meaning of it is that I’ve been working hard towards a goal, but everything that I need is not up high, but down here, that type of meaning. Regardless, as an idol, I started from when I was a trainee, from when I was 16 years old. I have been working daily for my dreams until now, so it’s a very relatable song. To me, everything I need isn’t in a high-up place, but it’s down below. ‘From the beginning, I already knew the answer,’ this type of meaning. This is my favorite part.

— Rosé

Here’s the full video below!