Which K-Pop idol groups haven't lost any member?

Which K-Pop idol groups haven't lost any member?

There's a thing called the "7 Year Curse" among the K-Pop community, a belief that no idol group can stay fully togethe...

There's a thing called the "7 Year Curse" among the K-Pop community, a belief that no idol group can stay fully together for more than 7 years, because so many groups lost their members during their first 7 years.


Recently, K-Pop witnessed another noisy departure of a girl group member, as FNC Entertainment confirmed that Jimin would leave AOA and suspend all activities in the entertainment industry. The move stems from a series of shocking revelations by former member Mina, who was bullied for 10 years by Jimin.

After AOA lost its fourth member (previously, Yookyung, ChoA and Mina left the group), a question appeared: How many K-Pop groups are there that haven't lost even one member? Let's take a look at the following summary:


  • TVXQ: Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun left the group
  • Super Junior: Kibum, Kangin and Hankyung left the group
  • Big Bang: Seungri left the group
  • Brown Eyed Girls: full
  • F.T. Island: Oh Wonbin, Song Seunghyun and Choi Jonghun left the group
  • SNSD: Jessica left the group
  • KARA: Kim Sunghee, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung left the group
  • T-Ara: Jiae, Jiwon, Hwayoung, Ahreum, Boram and Soyeon left the group
  • f(x): Sulli left the group
  • INFINITE: Hoya left the group
  • BEAST (Highlight): Jang Hyunseung and Yong Junhyung left the group
  • SHINee: full
  • MBLAQ: Lee Joon and Thunder left the group
  • 2PM: Park Jaebum left the group
  • 2AM: full
  • B1A4: full
  • Teen Top: L.Joe left the group
  • ZE:A: full
  • Block B: full
  • EXID: Dami, Yuji and Haeryung left the group
  • Oh My Girl: JinE left the group
  • Girl's Day: Jisun, Ji In and Jiae left the group
  • Apink: Yookyung left the group
  • AOA: Yookyung, ChoA, Mina and Jimin left the group
  • BTOB: full
  • NU'EST: full
  • GOT7: full
  • DAY6: Junhyeok left the group
  • N.Flying: Kwon Kwangjin left the group
  • WINNER: Nam Taehyun left the group
  • EXO: Kris, Luhan and Tao left the group
  • BTS: full
  • iKON: B.I left the group
  • MONSTA X: Wonho left the group
  • SEVENTEEN: full
  • PENTAGON: E'Dawn left the group
  • AB6IX: Im Youngmin left the group
  • NCT: full
  • April: Somin and Hyunjoo left the group
  • DIA: Seunghee, Eunjin and Jenny left the group
  • G-Friend: full
  • CLC: full
  • MAMAMOO: full
  • Red Velvet: full
  • Lovelyz: full
  • WJSN: full
  • BLACKPINK: full
  • TWICE: full
  • MOMOLAND: Yeonwoo, Taeha and Daisy left the group
  • Stray Kids: Kim Woojin left the group
  • (G) I-DLE: full
  • ITZY: full
  • TXT: full

It can be seen that there are very few idols group from the 2nd generation of K-Pop retaining the same members as when they debuted. Meanwhile, many idol groups from the 3rd and 4th generation haven't lost any member. Korean netizens explained that this is indispensable because the 2nd generation idol groups are more than 10 years old, having experienced many events affecting their lineup.


Some comments read:

  • "Brown Eyed Girls are really awesome."
  • "It's funny that ZE:A still hasn't disbanded and no member left the group."
  • "When the 3 members of TVXQ left the group, they shook the whole world. If you compare it to today's idols, it's like BTS or EXO working in 2 different groups with a ratio of 3:4."
  • "Isn't that am unavoidable thing? The idol groups listed at the top are over 10 years old, while some of the 4th gen groups are still less than 1 year old. How can you compare these cases? Please don't hate any groups just because they had members who left. There is one of my favorite idol groups listed here and some of their members left the group, but not for some bad reasons. They have been together for 10 years, we cannot expect them to stay like that forever or pursue the same genre of music. They changed and left the group because they wanted to pursue the music they liked. I hope none of you hate them because of that."
  • "Seeing SHINee here hurts me. I hope they will be together for a long time."