Which K-Pop Girl Group That Is More Loved: BLACKPINK or TWICE?

Which K-Pop Girl Group That Is More Loved: BLACKPINK or TWICE?

Let's check out which girl group has more love and support?

BLACKPINK and TWICE are considered the top two K-pop girl groups of 2018. TWICE topped the charts with their debut studio album "Twicetagram" in 2017, and the supergroup is dropping more hot music in 2018. BLACKPINK made history with the highest-charted single to debut on the Hot 100 by a K-pop girl group. Which K-pop girl group is your favorite?


BLACKPINK is taking over the world and is often ranked as the top K-pop girl group in 2018. The act recently made history on the Billboard Hot 100! Billboard's Xander Zellner reported:

BLACKPINK makes history on Billboard's charts, as, among other feats, the all-female quartet debuts the highest-charting hit ever by a K-pop girl group on the Billboard Hot 100, with "DDU-DU DDU-DU" opening at No. 55 (on the chart dated June 30).

The only other all-female K-pop group with a Hot 100 hit to its credit is Wonder Girls, who scored one entry, "Nobody," in 2009. The track debuted and peaked at No. 76.
In 2020, the girls finally released their first full-length album "THE ALBUM" and rapidly reaches huge success. This album also helps BLACKPINK receive the title of millions of albums sales in the categories of girl groups.


TWICE has been releasing EPs since 2015, but finally released their debut album "Twicetagram" in 2017. The LP topped the Gaon Album Chart and Billboard's World Albums chart. Billboard's Jeff Benjamin wrote:

To kick things off, TWICE earn their first No. 1 on the World Albums chart. The ninesome's recently released Twicetagram album had 1,000 copies sold in the week ending Nov. 2, according to Nielsen Music and marking the best-selling K-pop album in America this week. Twicetagram also marks the group's best first-week sales in America as the girl group's first full-length album likely contributing even more excitement. To date, TWICE have landed all five of their past EPs on World Albums starting with The Story Begins (which hit No. 15 in January 2016 when it was made available in America, despite being released in Korea in 2015), Page Two (which hit No. 6 in May 2016), Twicecoaster: Lane 1 (No. 3 in November 2016), Twicecoaster: Lane 2 (No. 4 in February 2017), and most recently Signal (No. 3 last June).

The group followed with J-pop album "BDZ" in 2018. Watch the music video to the chart-topping hit "What Is Love?" below. The hit is featured on their latest EP of the same name.

The final result was after a poll held on thetylt.com where readers vote themselves.


K-Netizens Claimed BTS and BLACKPINK As No.1 Male and Female Group But Controversial Over TWICE

BTS and BLACKPINK are considered "unjust" when they win many titles over each other. However, it is the fierce competition that has made these two groups far ahead of their competitors, setting unprecedented records in the music segment. In 2020, BTS and BLACKPINK will both raise their position through successful great comebacks. Based on the achievements, it is not surprising that Korean netizens think they are the top male and female groups of Kpop.

For a long time, no male group has been considered a rival to BTS. The 7 boys released their 4th full album titled MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 in February 2020 and set a record of selling 3,378,633 hard disks in the first week. Currently, this album sales have reached 4,332,207 copies - the highest in 2020 and the entire history of Kpop. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 also helped BTS to top the Billboard 200 chart once again and reach No. 1 in the 5 largest music markets in the world, namely the US, Japan, UK, Germany, and France.

In August 2020, BTS released the first English single in their career called "Dynamite". This music product continues to bring 7 boys to a new record, they are the first Korean artist to top the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. Dynamite is also the most viewed MV worldwide in the first 24 hours, recently it has become the fastest Kpop MV to reach 600 million views. BTS's brilliant performance in 2020 makes them automatically recognized as the best male group in Kpop.

BLACKPINK has also broken countless records this year. They released 2 singles and the first full album in their career called THE ALBUM. The "How You Like That" MV released in June is the most viewed music video after 24 hours by female artists. This is also the MV of the Kpop girl group with 600 million fastest views.

Finally, BLACKPINK will release the full album THE ALBUM in October 2020. This is the first Korean album of the Kpop girl group to reach million copies of sales. This music product also reached No.2 on the Billboard 200 and this is also a record that no Korean girl group has achieved.

These talking numbers that BTS and BLACKPINK bring in 2020 make the majority of netizens believe that they deserve the title of the best male and female group in Kpop. BTS's position is unquestionable but TWICE was suddenly involved in the controversy over their position with BLACKPINK.

Over the years, TWICE is said to be better than BLACKPINK because of the top album sales of girl groups, with 3 songs reaching Perfect All Kill and receiving Daesang awards - a title that 4 YG girls hasn't had. But the year 2020 sees TWICE's decline in both the disc sales and digital music, while BLACKPINK is getting more and more power. This is not to mention that the performance skills of the YG girl group are more appreciated.

Therefore, many people think that BLACKPINK has left TWICE in the top girl group race. On the contrary, there is an opinion that the 9 JYP girls are still the best girlgroup considering their activities, so they are not sure about BLACKPINK's status.

Knet commented:

  • Totally agree that these are the top 2 groups.
  • Their numbers are too great, who can argue with this.
  • Both groups are excellent, the top 2 representatives are unbeaten.
  • BTS is on a completely different level, haha.
  • Denying this is like denying reality.
  • I think the top girl group should be TWICE?
  • Never thought BLACKPINK would be this cool.
  • Isn't that TWICE?
  • Agree with the comment for BTS but BLACKPINK is not sure.
  • BTS is definitely the top group, and BLACKPINK seems to be the best girl group this year.
  • BLACKPINK has surpassed TWICE to become the top girl group.
  • BLACKPINK's singing, concept and MV skills are in any way better than TWICE.