What Cause BLACKPINK To Revise Their Music Video, Twice?

What Cause BLACKPINK To Revise Their Music Video, Twice?

During the recent comebacks, BLACKPINK has continuously encountered controversy related to the MV. In 2020, BLAC...

During the recent comebacks, BLACKPINK has continuously encountered controversy related to the MV.


In 2020, BLACKPINK will come back and work harder with 3 comebacks, respectively: How You Like That, Ice Cream and Lovesick Girls. These 3 products are in the first full album in their career called The Album. Coming back impressively, breaking many records, but sadly, the achievements of the 3 products have steadily declined, not as expected by fans. Not to mention, BLACKPINK has 2 times to edit the MV because of unnecessary controversy.

How You Like That and the Indian cultural issue

How You Like That is the opening shot for the full album promotion after more than 1 year and 2 months of absence. With huge views increasing minute by minute, How You Like That made BLACKPINK become the artist who owned the most viewed MV in the world for 24 hours at that time. Also because of the large number of viewers, it seems that the MV is also carefully scrutinized. This MV got into controversy, even being severely criticized by Indian fans for its lack of respect for the culture and religion of this country.

Indian fans quickly discovered the statue of Ganesha - a god in Hinduism - was placed on the floor next to Lisa while she was sitting on the throne. Ganesha is one of the supreme deities, worshiped of Hinduism. Therefore, placing the statue of Ganesha on the ground is considered disrespectful. In addition, Lisa also wore shoes in the scene above, sparking criticism because shoes are not allowed near statues or temples.



At the time of the controversy, fans repeatedly asked YG to apologize for this incident. Related hashtags have consistently climbed high in trending positions. Initially, YG still kept a quiet attitude. However, only a short time later, fans discovered that the statue of Ganesha in Lisa's scene in How You Like That MV had disappeared. The MV was never taken down and re-posted. It seems that YG has contacted a YouTube representative to ask for permission to change the footage without affecting the stats and views.

Lovesick Girls and Jennie's controversial nurse outfit

In the MV "closing down" for the full album The Album, BLACKPINK could not escape the "curse" of fixing the MV. Specifically, the nurse outfit that Jennie wore in a scene of the MV "Lovesick Girls'' caused fierce controversy on many social networking forums. The Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union (KHMWU) even issued an official statement, criticizing YG Entertainment for seizing the nursing profession in Jennie's scene.

In her personal scene, Jennie wore a stylized nurse outfit, tight-fitting short skirt, heart hat and red high heels. This image is far from the actual nurse's uniform, causing some nurses to disagree, claiming that their profession has been misrepresented, sexualized.


Not only the Korea Medical Employee Federation, on social media, many people who identify themselves as nurses also participate in campaigns asking the company to apologize and give hashtags such as "Stop sexualizing nurses" and "Nurses are not cosplayed styles" to the top of Korean trending.


Instead of being as quiet as with How You Like That, this time YG spoke up. The company asserted that they did not have bad or negative intentions of targeting real-life nurses when making Jennie's footage. The female singer's outfit in the scene is intended to properly describe the lyrics: "No doctor can help me when I fall in love". However, YG said that they were considering editing this scene in the MV Lovesick Girls.


From How You Like That to Lovesick Girls, issues that 4 girls have to face are all messy stories that should not happen. These sensitive details partly affect BLACKPINK's image to the public, although the fault is largely in the YG MV production department.

However, 2 mistakes in BLACKPINK's MV also seem to show YG's progress when not choosing to be silent, know how to respond to the media so that people don't panic. Anyway, being careful in production is still something that YG should pay attention to so that once the product is released, it will be fully recognized by the public, avoiding sideline controversies that affect the overall batch advertise.