Unexpected Friend Trio of TWICE Nayeon With BLACKPINK Jennie and Jisoo

Unexpected Friend Trio of TWICE Nayeon With BLACKPINK Jennie and Jisoo

When their fandoms are always competitive in many aspects, the girls are indeed close friends with each other. Irony.

BLACKPINK and TWICE maybe the two famous girl groups from YG and JYP, who seem to always be compared with each other about their music, their styles, and achievements, of course. However, the three members of the groups are indeed pretty close friends to each other. Their friendship is considered unexpected because they come from two different girl groups and have opposed music.

Together, they make up the powerful trio: Nayeon, Jennie and Jisoo.

It is said that Nayeon and Jennie are friends with each other first. They are friends of Lena, a former JYP trainee and Nayeon is becoming close with Jisoo through Jennie. They have been socializing since they were trainees and still maintained their lovely relationship despite being part of two different girl groups.

As girls going out together for girls' things, they also went to get their nails done and exchange rabbit dolls as gifts to show off their friendship.

When asked if BLACKPINK actually has any close girl group members on a Korean radio show, Jennie said that she is close to TWICE Nayeon, "I've known her since she was a trainee. Our activities overlap so were getting closer."

Jisoo also said: "I'm also close to Nayeon, so the three of us often meet together."

They all look adorable together, aren't they?


Who Are The Celebrities Being Said To Resemblance of BLACKPINK Jennie?

She's an attractive performer and a trend-setter, possessing the qualities of a true world-famous K-Pop idol. Jennie's visuals have been one of the trendiest of them all this generation, as she is one of the few exceptionally gorgeous female idols that many women want to look like.

There have been a few celebrities who have been praised for bearing a similar resemblance to Jennie.

You can check the list of celebrities that look like BLACKPINK Jennie.

Kang LeeSeul

The online shopping mall model has gained quite a number of followers on social media for bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jennie.

Ningning (aespa)

K-Pop rookie Ningning is currently gaining quite a lot of attention from K-Pop fans and netizens alike for looking like Jennie as well.

The particular photo of her below (left) has gone viral on various online communities.


Solo singer msftz generated quite a lot of noise when she first debuted, as her promotion caught the interest of many K-Pop music listeners who thought she looked like Jennie as well.

Seriously, she really has perhaps the closest resemblance to Jennie.

Ella Gross

Often referred to as the "mini Jennie", the two stars are also under the same agency, YG Entertainment.

Do you think they look like Jennie?