Top 6 Female Idols Who are Extremely Popular Among Male Celebrities

Top 6 Female Idols Who are Extremely Popular Among Male Celebrities

These are the female idols who have received lots of attention from fellow male idols. 

Idols are often asked about their love lives but don't usually say much. However, some have dished out information about them being asked out by other male idols. But who could blame those guys? We've fallen for these talented and beautiful female idols, too! Check out the list below for some female idols who seem to be the most popular among male celebrities!

EXID's Hani

Image Source: dearheeyeon

Hani once admitted that she's been asked out by multiple male celebrities in various fields, from acting to singing, and even comedy. With her down-to-earth personality, we're not the least bit surprised about how popular she is!

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Image Source: NEVER CHANGE

In 2009, only two years after Girls' Generation debuted, Taeyeon said there were 14 male celebrities who had asked her out. Imagine how much that number must've increased since then!


Image Source: GRAZIA

Sunmi stated that in the past when she would finish promotions, men would often ask her out. Last year, she said she had been asked out by 5 male celebrities. However, later she appearing on program 'Ask Us Anything,' and confessed she was sad since no one asked her out after 'Gashina' promotions. She says she thinks her fierce and crazy image in the song scared the men off!


Image Source: Youtube 'MHN TV' Screenshot

This fierce rap queen isn't afraid to talk about her personal life, which she often receives questions about. On one radio show, Jessi stated that she has been confessed to by more than 10 male stars!

DIA's Chaeyeon

Image Source: international bnt

After her debut with DIA, Chaeyeon stated that multiple male singers, actors, and men from other professions asked her out. However, the star says that right now her career comes first. We expect she probably received many more after becoming a member of I.O.I!

TWICE members

Image Source: Twitter '@JYPETWICE'

Although nothing has been revealed about the members of TWICE being asked out by male celebrities, we expect they have already received a few confessions. These days, the TWICE members are often mentioned by male idols when they are asked who their ideal type is. It seems like Sana, Nayeon, Momo, and Tzuyu are the most popular with male idols.

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