Jessi Admits She Toned Down Her 2022 Waterbomb Festival Outfit⁠— Here’s What She’s Worn In The Past

Jessi Admits She Toned Down Her 2022 Waterbomb Festival Outfit⁠— Here’s What She’s Worn In The Past

Jessi confidently rocks the hottest outfits at Waterbomb.

Seoul’s annual Waterbomb Festival is back this weekend with a star-studded lineup.

2022 Waterbomb Festival line-up | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

The fun summer festival lives up to its name as water cannons are used to douse the artists and the audience in water. Along with performing, the artists get into an epic water battle.

Because of this, the performers often incorporate swimwear into their outfits to make it easier to move when they inevitably get drenched.

2022 Waterbomb Festival | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

Jessi, known for staying true to herself regardless of what’s considered normal for K-Pop idols, is a popular performer at the festival. Jessi has been a performer at Waterbomb since it began in 2015.

In 2015, Jessi attended alongside her fellow Lucky J members, J’Kyun and J-Yo (also known as Jero). Lucky J was a co-ed hip-hop trio under YMC Entertainment that debuted in 2014 and disbanded in 2016. From 2016 onward, Jessi has performed at the festival as a solo artist.

Lucky J’s stage at the 2015 Waterbomb Festival | @hospitalphotograph/Tumblr


For her first year at the festival, Jessi kept her outfit laid back with a New York Yankees baseball cap, cropped tank top, jean shorts, and a plaid shirt tied around her waist.

| @hospitalphotograph/Tumblr


Jessi had a similar style for her 2016 performance. She kept it cool with a cropped t-shirt and jean shorts.


In 2017, Jessi debuted platform blonde hair and wore Aviator sunglasses, a white bikini top, white fishnet tights, and joggers.


In 2018, Jessi took her outfit to the next level by wearing a black bikini with a netted cover-up dress.


Jessi had two outfits in 2019, one for the festival in Seoul, and the other one for the festival in Incheon.

In Seoul, Jessi wore a bright orange bikini top with sweatpants and a jewel body chain.

For the Waterbomb Festival in Incheon, Jessi switched up her look with short hair, a bikini top, and trendy cut-out shorts.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Due to restrictions relating to COVID-19, the festival was unable to take place in 2020 and 2021.


Jessi went live on Instagram to update fans after returning from the festival this year. In her video, she acknowledged that her outfits have caught attention at previous festivals and admitted to toning it down this year.

I’m fully aware of what goes on at Waterbomb… a lot of people were thinking that I was going to wear something crazy at the Waterbomb, but we decided to go the other route and just dress normal. — Jessi

| @waterbomb_official/Instagram

Jessi looked incredible in an orange two-piece set. Jessi hilariously acknowledged that the outfit wasn’t exactly standard in Korea.

| @abtjssc/Twitter

Source: Koreaboo