Top 10 Most-Streamed K-Pop Songs From Six Of The Most Successful Korean Entertainment Companies

Top 10 Most-Streamed K-Pop Songs From Six Of The Most Successful Korean Entertainment Companies

Some are dominated by one artist, while others have more variety.

Spotify only recently became available to use in South Korea, but most K-Pop fans know that the music genre they love is already incredibly popular on the app.

While it’s not uncommon for people to explore what the most-streamed K-Pop songs are on the app, it can be interesting to break them down by company and see how they compare both within and outside of their own label.

These are the top 10 most-streamed K-Pop songs from six of the industry’s most successful companies.

BigHit Entertainment

10. “GoGo” by BTS: 203.3 million streams

9. “Euphoria” by BTS: 206.5 million streams

8. “Black Swan” by BTS: 211.1 million streams

7. “Idol” by BTS: 213.0 million streams

6. “Spring Day” by BTS: 230.4 million streams

5. “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS: 302.6 million streams

4. “DNA” by BTS: 360.8 million streams

3. “Fake Love” by BTS: 398.0 million streams

2. “Boy With Luv” by BTS ft. Halsey: 598.8 million streams

1. “Dynamite” by BTS: 668.9 million streams

SM Entertainment

10. “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet: 89.9 million streams

9. “Tempo” by EXO: 90.3 million streams

8. “Call Me Baby” by EXO: 92.9 million streams

7. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO: 116.1 million streams

6. “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet: 116.8 million streams

5. “Monster” by EXO: 134.9 million streams

4. “Stay With Me” by Chanyeol & Punch: 136.9 million streams

3. “Love Shot” by EXO: 140.3 million streams

2. “Bad Boy” by Red Velvet: 149.1 million streams

1. “Psycho” by Red Velvet: 189.3 million streams

JYP Entertainment

10. “I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE: 94.4 million streams

9. “More & More” by TWICE: 95.4 million streams

8. “Likey” by TWICE: 96.8 million streams

7. “Dance the Night Away” by TWICE: 103.7 million streams

6. “Yes or Yes” by TWICE: 122.4 million streams

5. “WANNABE” by ITZY: 130.7 million streams

4. “DALLA DALLA” by ITZY: 134.9 million streams

3. “What Is Love?” by TWICE: 158.9 million streams

2. “Feel Special” by TWICE: 161.8 million streams

1. “Fancy” by TWICE: 202.9 million streams

YG Entertainment

10. “Sour Candy” by BLACKPINK & Lady Gaga: 185.4 million streams

9. “Love Scenario” by iKON: 193.0 million streams

8. “Playing With Fire” by BLACKPINK: 199.4 million streams

7. “BOOMBAYAH” by BLACKPINK: 249.7 million streams

6. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez: 259.7 million streams

5. “As If It’s Your Last” by BLACKPINK: 266.9 million streams

4. “DDU-DU DDU-DU” by BLACKPINK: 354.5 million streams

3. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK: 365.9 million streams

2. “Kiss and Make Up” by BLACKPINK & Dua Lipa: 408.2 million streams

1. “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK: 417.1 million streams

Starship Entertainment

10. “Touch My Body” by SISTAR: 21.6 million streams

9. “Middle of the Night” by MONSTA X: 24.7 million streams

8. “Someone’s Someone” by MONSTA X: 26.2 million streams

7. “I Like That” by SISTAR: 27.1 million streams

6. “Beautiful” by MONSTA X: 29.5 million streams

5. “Shoot Out” by MONSTA X: 29.7 million streams

4. “Play It Cool” by MONSTA X: 35.7 million streams

3. “Dramarama” by MONSTA X: 39.7 million streams

2. “Who Do U Love?” by MONSTA X: 44.0 million streams

1. “Hero” by MONSTA X: 47.9 million streams


10. “Wind Flower” by MAMAMOO: 25.2 million streams

9. “Dingga” by MAMAMOO: 26.6 million streams

8. “Don’t” by Hwasa & Loco: 29.8 million streams

7. “Décalcomanie” by MAMAMOO: 30.3 million streams

6. “Starry Night” by MAMAMOO: 50.7 million streams

5. “Twit” by Hwasa: 62.1 million streams

4. “Gogobebe” by MAMAMOO: 71.6 million streams

3. “Egotistic” by MAMAMOO: 77.2 million streams

2. “Maria” by Hwasa: 95.7 million streams

1. “Hip” by MAMAMOO: 111.7 million streams


Which Member in BLACKPINK Looks The Most Beautiful in Red Lipstick?

All 4 BLACKPINK members are famous for their extreme beauty, top charisma that can "weigh" almost any hairstyle and makeup layout. Of course, the classic red lipstick will also be on the list of lip colors that these 4 girls adore wearing. What special when watching them with red lipstick is that we can not only see their extremely satisfying moments, but we also draw a lot of experience when donning this classic lipstick.


With a face as beautiful as "Miss Korea", Jisoo had mesmerizing moments when wearing red lipstick. Her gentle and feminine beauty suddenly becomes more attractive and sharper when wearing this powerful lipstick. On the contrary, with the advantage of beautiful heart-shaped lips, all the red lipstick colors on Jisoo's lips become dazzling and more radiant. No wonder, the oldest sister Blackpink was chosen as the ambassador of Dior Beauty in Korea.

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Jennie is a pretty girl with red lipstick. Aside from the gentle beauty and feminine vibe of the oldest sister Jisoo, Jennie's face is a mixture of sweetness and attractive sensuality. Jennie also owns full lips, extremely sexy, so every time she wears red lipstick, her appearance exudes a seductive and fiery look. In addition to the luxurious charisma, every time Jennie wears red lipstick, she exudes a class that makes it hard to take her eyes off.

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Rosé rarely wears red lipstick than her group members. This girl is often associated with lighter lip colors or more "western" nude tones. However, every time Rosé wore red lipstick, she was capable of causing fever that time. With a delicate face and cold eyes, Rosé all exudes a magical aura, seductive beauty that makes people shake.

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Among the Blackpink members, Lisa is the reddest lipstick girl. The female idol has the ability to balance all shades of red lipstick, from shiny lipsticks, matte lipsticks, bright red lipstick to purple lip gloss ... This classic lipstick is also perfect for thick and western lips. It is worth mentioning that with her peak aura and sweet beauty, every time Lisa wears red lipstick, the idol looks even more like a "Barbie doll".

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Who is your favorite red-lip fairy?