Top 10 female idols who will draw you in with their charisma gaze

Top 10 female idols who will draw you in with their charisma gaze

Be careful not to look directly into these idols’ eyes…unless you want to fall victim to their stunning gazes, of course. Check out the 10 female idols who can ooze charisma by casting one glare!

An essential component of K-Pop is concepts, and K-Pop can get creative and innovative with these concepts - starting from horror to sci-fi to food-related concepts, K-Pop has it all. To deliver these concepts, some of the most important elements are performance and music, of course, but two even more essential parts are dress and makeup. The way an idol's costume is and how their makeup is done can do a lot to deliver the concept perfectly and in full essence to the audience. Here are some of the gorgeous makeup looks that idols have ever worn that will go down in history.

1. Jennie of BLACKPINK

Jennie’s cat-like eyes can be doll-like and innocent or downright vitriolic and sexy.

2. Yuna of ITZY

Yuna’s charismatic point is her big, round eyes that can give off a sweet or brooding mood.

3. Seulgi of Red Velvet

4. Yeji of ITZY

Yeji also uses her elegant, sharp eyes to her advantage.

5. Soojin of (G)I-DLE

Soojin is a master of using her smouldering glare to entice fans.

6. Chungha

Chungha is known as the glitter goddess when her eye makeup catches the light.

7. Hwasa of MAMAMOO

Hwasa knows what suits her when it comes to cat eye makeup and fluttery lashes.

8. Minnie of (G)I-DLE

Minnie has stunning Sambaegan eyes, where white is visible to the right, left, and bottom of her pupil.

9. Ahin of MOMOLAND

Ahin’s eyes are the perfect mix of cute and smouldering, creating one endearing gaze.

10. Soyeon of (G)I-DLE

The (G)I-DLE’s leader and main rapper has quite special facial expressions as well as strong charisma. Soyeon's monolids and charming-cat eyes make her performance stand out among others idolds and draw a lot of attention both on and off stage.