These are the 13 K-pop Albums that Sold Over One Million Copies in 2021

These are the 13 K-pop Albums that Sold Over One Million Copies in 2021

Keep on reading to know which K-pop albums sold one million copies this year.

On Dec. 24, the 13 K-pop albums that recorded more than one million sales in 2021 were revealed. On the list, multiple albums from the same artists including BTS and NCT sub-units are included.

These are the K-pop Albums with Over One Million Sales in 2021


BTS Permission to Dance

(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

While "BE" was released in November 2020, it remained popular among fans until this year. As of November, the album was the tenth best-selling work with over 1.01 million copies sold on the Gaon Chart.

"BE" is the fifth Korean studio album of BTS and features eight songs including the boy group's English hit "Dynamite" and title track "Life Goes On."

BTS' "Butter"

BTS Butter

(Photo : Twitter: @BTS_twt)

Another work from BTS on the list is the septet's "Butter" CD, which sold over three million copies on Gaon as of December 2021. It is worth noting that the CD only has two songs ("Butter" and "Permission to Dance") yet it became a triple-million seller.=

On top of that, BTS' "Butter" holds the record for the highest first-week sales in 2021, selling more than 1.9 million copies on the Hanteo Chart from July 9 to 15.

SEVENTEEN's "Your Choice"


(Photo : Twitter: @pledis_17)

BTS' affiliate group SEVENTEEN also has two albums that sold one million copies in 2021, one of which is "Your Choice." Notably, this mini-album recorded one million sales in just the first week of release. In fact, it holds the record for the second-highest first-week sales on Hanteo this year, coming behind "Butter" CD.

SEVENTEEN's "Your Choice" also sold one million copies on Gaon. As of Dec. 9, the album has sold over 1.4 million copies in South Korea alone.

NCT Dream's "Hot Sauce"

NCT Dream Hot Sauce

(Photo : Twitter: @NCTsmtown)
NCT Dream

With "Hot Sauce," NCT Dream has become a new million-seller group in the K-pop scene. The album surpassed one million sales on May 16, just six days after it was dropped.

NCT Dream eventually earned the "double million-seller" title after "Hot Sauce" exceeded two million sales within 16 days after it arrived.

NCT 127's "Sticker"


(Photo : Twitter: @NCTsmtown)

Another NCT sub-unit on the list is NCT 127, who sold not only one million copies on Hanteo in the first week but two million. It is the group's first double million-selling album in their career.

And as of Dec. 9, NCT 127's "Sticker" is the second best-selling album on Gaon in 2021 with over 2.4 million copies sold.

EXO's "Don't Fight the Feeling"

EXO Don't Fight the Feeling

(Photo : Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

EXO made history this year as they become a sextuple million-seller group with their latest group album "Don't Fight the Feeling." The nonet's latest work sold 1.08 million copies in the first week despite not having any comeback promotions.

"Don't Fight the Feeling" is also the best-selling album on Gaon with over 1.3 million copies sold as of Dec. 9.

EXO Baekyun's "Bambi"

EXO Baekhyun Bambi

(Photo : Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

EXO Baekhyun is the only K-pop soloist to reach one million sales in 2021. The sales of his latest mini-album "Bambi" soared past one million within 20 days of release.

"Bambi" is now Baekhyun's second million-selling album following "Delight," which made the EXO member the first soloist in 19 years to become a million-seller.

These are the Other K-pop Albums with Over One Million Sales in 2021

  1. NCT Dream's "Hello Future"
  2. NCT 127's "Favorite"
  3. SEVENTEEN's "Attacca"
  4. NCT's "Universe"
  5. Stray Kids' "NOEASY"

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