DAWN Talks His Breakup With HyunA, The Story Behind Their Engagement, And Their Relationship Now

DAWN Talks His Breakup With HyunA, The Story Behind Their Engagement, And Their Relationship Now

DAWN has candidly talked about his breakup with HyunA.

On April 14, DAWN appeared as a guest on 1theK’s YouTube corner “Look Me Up” where he searched his name on social media and various online communities to clarify reports and comments.

After revealing how Jay Park introduced him to his new agency AT AREA, DAWN came across the portion of his profile page that mentioned his breakup with HyunA. DAWN commented, “Since we are probably the people in this world who understand each other best, no matter what decision we made then, we support each other. And it’s the same now.”

DAWN Gets Candid About His Breakup With HyunA, The Story Behind Their Engagement, And Their Relationship Now

On why he pressed “like” on HyunA’s initial breakup post, DAWN explained that it was his show of support. He said, “At that time, I really respected her decision and supported her.”

Following the breakup post, DAWN announced that he would be taking legal action against those spreading false information about HyunA. DAWN explained that he was so angry when this incident initially occurred and added, “Even though we’ve broken up, if that kind of situation happened now, I think I would do the same.”

Responding to an off-camera comment that he still loves HyunA, DAWN shared, “To be honest, I feel the same [as before]. Whether I’ve broken up with HyunA, we date again, or have whatever relationship now is not what’s important. Because I just love HyunA as a person, I think I will love HyunA even if we’re both on completely different paths in the future with other people.”

DAWN also addressed their pair’s engagement rings, revealing that he did not propose with the specific intent to get married. In February 2022, HyunA and DAWN shared photos of their beautiful matching rings in an apparent engagement announcement. DAWN explained, “Since I liked her so much, I obviously had the thought of ‘If I want to get married later on, I definitely want to marry her,’ but at the time, I just wanted to give her a ring.”

Laughing, DAWN joked, “‘If you give a ring, you get married’ is common sense and obvious, but honestly, I don’t have common sense.”

Although the pair didn’t have concrete plans to get married, DAWN explained that he didn’t refute articles reporting their engagement because at the time, he thought they would get married later on and thus thought it would be funny to explain otherwise.

After their breakup, the pair was also quickly rumored to have gotten back together, but these ongoing reports were neither confirmed or denied. To explain why, DAWN remarked, “To be honest, I’m currently feeling tired of public opinions. I think even just saying ‘It’s true, it’s false’ is funny. What’s most important is that I wish HyunA and I were not viewed by our relationship. Whether we’re together right now or not, we love, know, and understand each other the most. Anyway, it’s true that we’re on each other’s sides and will be in the future too.”

Later, DAWN came across a YouTube video claiming that HyunA had gifted him an apartment worth 2 billion won (approximately $1,531,200). Through giggles, DAWN shared that he first heard about this when his mom asked if it was true and explained, “For starters, this is nonsense. I thought it was so funny.” He added, “This is really a lie, so please don’t be fooled everyone. Don’t be fooled by the internet.”

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On April 13, DAWN made his first comeback under AT AREA with the single “Dear My Light.”