These 12 K-Pop Idols Were Scouted by Agencies Because of Their Visuals

These 12 K-Pop Idols Were Scouted by Agencies Because of Their Visuals

A handsome or a pretty face is one of the common grounds of K-pop idols, and this is also their ticket to the entertain...

A handsome or a pretty face is one of the common grounds of K-pop idols, and this is also their ticket to the entertainment industry.

K-pop idols who have great visuals are definitely admired by many. They easily get attention without sweat. Here are some artists who were scouted by agencies because of their gorgeous faces. 

Bae Suzy



Suzy is one of the prettiest women in South Korea, and the talent scouts of JYP Entertainment didn't miss that. They saw her charm while she was supposedly heading for her audition to Mnet's Superstar K. A recruiter walked towards her and informed her that she skip the auditions. Suzy was then asked to go directly to their office. She was trained for ten months and eventually became one of the members of the girl group, Miss A




The Japanese girl was with her friend to go shopping in one of the malls in Japan when a talent scout saw her and eventually turned her into one of the members of the now popular girl group, TWICE.

Jessica and Krystal Jung



The little Krystal and older sister Jessica were on their trip to Korea and went to the mall with their parents. A scout from SM Entertainment saw Krystal, who exhibited a beautiful face even if she was too young along with Jessica. The unnie went to train first and became one of the SNSD members while the young Jung came in next who debuted as one of the f(x) members. 

EXO Sehun



Sehun was only 13 years old then who was on the street with some friends to eat ddeokbokki when an SM Entertainment scout saw him. He was initially afraid of the stranger who was trying to scout him that he ran away from him. After 30 minutes of chasing, he finally accepted the calling card, and the rest is history. 




While on holiday at a ski resort, a talent scout saw Minho and offered him the chance to join SM Entertainment but he declined it. Then, another manager who was persistently urging him to join convinced him to be part of the company.

Pristin Kyulkyung



Kyulkyung was with her mom on the streets of Shanghai after school when a Korean man approached her. She was never interested in K-pop, but the agent gave her an album of After School, which then urged her to pursue becoming an idol. 

ASTRO Cha Eun Woo



While enjoying a high school festival in middle school, a man came to talk to Eun Woo and gave him a card of the agency. 




It was SM Entertainment who first saw his potential. SME noticed the idol's perfect visuals that is fit for a K-pop idol. However, Jin was too scared to audition. That's when Big Hit Entertainment scouted him and made him debut as one of the well-acclaimed boy bands, BTS. That is a certain fate. 

EXO Suho



A scout manager spotted the handsome Suho while doing a community service. He did train himself for seven years, but everything paid off as he became the leader of EXO that is tremendously popular in and out of South Korea. 

NCT 127 Taeyong



A talent manager saw a good-looking young man, Taeyong, who was on the street at that time. The said person even explained that the agency where he came from is one of the "Big 3" companies. After training, he became the leader, center, rapper, and dancer of NCT.

NCT Dream Jaemin



In 2013, while Jaemin was doing volunteer work for his mother, a talent manager noticed him for his visuals and asked him to join the company. He debuted after three years of training.

K-pop idols have their own stories of success, and some were fortunate enough to possess great visuals, which initially took them to become sought-after South Korean celebrities today.