The Top 10 Most Streamed Idol Groups On Melon In 2022

The Top 10 Most Streamed Idol Groups On Melon In 2022

The list of the top 10 most streamed idol groups on MelOn in 2022 was revealed.

On January 1st, the top 10 most streamed K-Pop idol groups on MelOn last year were revealed. According to the list, BTS, Seventeen, NCT Dream, IVE, and (G)-IDLE made the top five in the respective order.

Big Bang proved they are still popular in Korea by taking 7th place following their former label mate BLACKPINK. NewJeans proved their massive popularity despite debuting last August by taking 9th place after aespa. Red Velvet was ranked in 10th place.

After looking at the list, Korean netizens commented:

"I can't believe NewJeans is only in 9th place"

"^ That's because this includes all the songs released under the group. NewJeans just debuted last August."

"It's amazing NewJeans is up on the list when they debuted last August."

"BTS' record is impeccable."

"I felt like 2022 was the era of girl groups so this list is surprising to me."

"^I think the number of songs published also matters. My group is on the list and they have more songs."

"Well done, Seventeen."