The Only 6 Main Vocalists Who Are Also The Main Dancers Of Their Group In K-Pop

The Only 6 Main Vocalists Who Are Also The Main Dancers Of Their Group In K-Pop

In the lineup of each K-Pop group, the members who take on the main positions (main vocalists, main dancers, main rappe...

In the lineup of each K-Pop group, the members who take on the main positions (main vocalists, main dancers, main rappers) are always admired and appreciated by the audience because they are considered to have the best skills in the group in that area. Some idols are even so talented that they take on multiple main positions in the group, although the number of such idols may not be too many.

Recently, netizens on an online forum in South Korea were surprised to discover that among the huge number of K-Pop idol groups that debuted over the years, only 6 idols have been able to take on the position of the main vocalist and the main dancer at the same time (based on information on Namu Wiki). This helps them become almost omnipotent idols because singing and dancing are still considered as the most important and necessary skills for K-Pop idols.

1. Taeyang (BIGBANG)


Taeyang is a living definition of talent. His outstanding dancing and singing ability is not only shown through BIGBANG's songs, but also helped him create many hit songs in his solo career.


2. Kevin (ZE:A)


While ZE: A has a lot of members with high individual recognition such as Im Siwan, Park Hyungsik, Hwang Kwanghee… the group's career was not as successful as expected. Therefore, many people don't know that the group also has a very talented member who is both the main vocalist and main dancer: Kevin.


3. Eunice (DIA)


DIA's career in recent years has become better than the first days of their debut. However, DIA is still remembered by many people as a group of "Jung Chaeyeon and friends" - except for Jung Chaeyeon, the members are almost completely unfamiliar to the public. This leads to a very unfortunate situation when the talented girls of DIA, including Eunice - who is both the main dancer and the main vocalist, have not had the opportunity to prove their abilities to the audience.


4. Kim Kook Heon (B.O.Y / MYTEEN)


Kim Kook Heon is a familiar name to those who have watched Mnet's 'Produce X 101'. Although he only finished at the 21st place, the talent and charisma of this boy born in 1997 has also been recognized through this survival show. When he was active in boy group MYTEEN, Kim Kook Heon was one of the group's main vocalists and main dancers, and also the leader.




Mia is one of the talents that is highly appreciated in the new generation of K-Pop idols. Having only debuted for over 1 year, her abilities have been proven through EVERGLOW's songs. Not only singing the difficult parts of the song, she is also given her own dance break in some songs to show off her skills.


6.Monday (Weeekly)


In this list, Monday is the youngest name. Just debuting this year, she soon attracted the attention of many K-Pop fans. Monday is considered an all-rounder in the newly debuted group because she is not only the main vocalist and main dancer, but also one of the rappers of Weeekly.


It can be seen that 5 out of the 6 main vocalists - main dancers mentioned above (excluding Taeyang) are still quite new and somewhat unfamiliar to the Korean public in general. This is quite a pity because with their talents, they deserve to be known more and be appreciated more properly.

Here are some comments from Knet about the list"

  • "Taeyang is a legend."
  • "This is the first time I heard these names, except for Taeyang… Even the group's name is unfamiliar..."
  • "I thought there would be BTS Jungkook and GOT7 JB but I was wrong. I thought they were main dancers. But Taeyang is the main vocal too? Amazing!!"
  • "I think I'm really old already... Taeyang is the only one I know on this list."
  • "EVERGLOW Mia is really good at everything."
  • "Monday is a rapper and the main vocalist as well as the main dancer ??? Incredible!"
  • "Mia and Monday are still young main vocalists, in a few years they will be even better."
  • "Wait, but Taeyang is 159 cm tall..."
  • "Kook Heon let's get even more popular!!!"
  • "Mia stands out on stage for a reason."