10 K-Pop Rookie Groups In 2020 With The Highest Twitter Followers

10 K-Pop Rookie Groups In 2020 With The Highest Twitter Followers


Twitter is an indispensable social networking platform for K-Pop fans. Here, we can quickly see the news, share videos and photos, and get together with hashtags to cheer for our favorite artists during special events. There are even a lot of awards related to an artist's popularity on Twitter. That's why for a K-Pop rookie, having a strong fandom on Twitter is so important.


In 2020, we see many rookie groups debuted. All of them quickly created an official Twitter account from the beginning to both update news, photos, and get data to reflect their popularity through charts (for example, Billboard Social 50). Let's take a look at 10 most followed K-Pop rookie groups in 2020 at the moment.




  • Data are taken as of September 24, 2020.
  • Only groups that debut in 2020 are included.
  • Only the official account of the group (excluding accounts of the members or accounts for members to post about their own lives).


No.10: DKB (@DKB_BRAVE) - 53,968 followers


Debut date: February 3, 2020


Agency: Brave Entertainment




No.9: WEEEKLY (@_Weeekly) - 77,197 followers


Debut date: June 30, 2020


Agency: PlayM Entertainment




No.8: DRIPPIN (@drippin) - 78,546 followers


Debut date: Expected October 2020


Agency: Woollim Entertainment




No.7: SECRET NUMBER (@ 5ecretNumber) - 87,617 followers


Debut date: May 19, 2020


Agency: VINE Entertainment




No.6: WEi (@WEi__Official) - 99,702 followers


Debut date: Expected to debut on October 5, 2020


Managing company: OUI Entertainment




No.5: TOO (@too_offcl) - 120,724 followers


Debut date: April 1, 2020


Agency: n.CH Entertainment and Stone Entertainment




No.4: MCND (@McndOfficial_) - 218,364 followers


Debut date: February 27, 2020


Agency: TOP MEDIA Entertainment




No.3: CRAVITY (@CRAVITYstarship) - 374,057 followers


Debut date: April 14, 2020


Agency: Starship Entertainment




No.2: TREASURE (@ygtreasuremaker) - 630,237 followers


Debut date: August 7, 2020


Agency: YG Entertainment




No.1: ENHYPEN (@ENHYPEN) - 648,045 followers


Debut date: Expected to be in November 2020


Agency: Belift Lab (Big Hit and CJ ENM's joint company)


10 K-Pop Rookie Groups In 2020 With The Highest Twitter Followers


It can be seen that among the rookie groups mentioned above, ENHYPEN is the youngest group, being created only recently after the show 'I-LAND' ended. Before that, TREASURE was the rookie ruling Twitter as they constantly recorded a massive number of followers. However, in less than a week since the launch of their official account, ENHYPEN has shown remarkable strength and took the throne.


Congratulations to all the 2020 rookies who were honored in this rankings. Among them, who are the rookies you were expecting and followed on Twitter? Please share with us.