The Most Suitable Colors On V, Jimin And Baekhyun, According To Color Theory Experts

The Most Suitable Colors On V, Jimin And Baekhyun, According To Color Theory Experts

Here’s why these colors suit them best.

Color theory experts Kim Chae Rin and Kim Ji Hyun guested on this week’s episode of AYO. Aside from discussing the concept of “personal colors” and giving their opinions on the most flattering colors on BTS‘s V, BTS’s Jimin, and EXO‘s Baekhyun, they also explained why these colors look best on them.

Check them out below!

1. BTS’s V

Kim Ji Hyun took a look at the given picture of V in a colorful suit and remarked on the high chroma outfit: “From this picture, I feel like high chroma colors don’t match his skin“.

Kim Chae Rin then explained what she believes his skin tone is.

"I think he might be winter cool-toned. His styling in ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ was black and it looked really good on him, so V is winter cool-toned. It’s an expert’s opinion."

— Kim Chae Rin

2. EXO’s Baekhyun

A fan asked if Baekhyun is cool-toned, and both experts decisively confirmed it. More than just cool-toned, Kim Ji Hyun believes he is specifically a “summer cool-toned light type” because bright colors complement him best.

"Yes, he’s 100% cool-toned. When we give an example, we say EXO’s Baekhyun might be the a summer cool-toned light type. If you look at his pictures, colors with low brightness don’t suit him, nor do high chroma colors. Bright colors look good on him instead."

— Kim Ji Hyun

3. BTS’s Jimin

Jimin was the last boy group member they were asked to analyze and “diagnose”. According to Kim Ji Hyun, his handsome features are best emphasized when he wears bright colors.

"High chroma is bright colors. When I see his high chroma outfits, his skin tone looks brighter and cleaner. You can’t see that there are shades on his face. If we compare it with achromatic outfits, it feels like he gets shades on his jawline because of the black-colored outfit. The white outfit looks better for sure. High chroma suits him better."

— Kim Ji Hyun

To further prove her point, she compared two outfits of Jimin—one bright and one neutral.

Her final diagnosis was “high brightness, low chroma, and summer light”.

"So if we compare Jimin’s best outfits—the one that is cool-toned, styled with high chroma, and the one with low brightness and brown color—it’s our expert opinion that it feels brighter. It feels like his skin and facial features stand out more. So my diagnosis for Jimin is high brightness, low chroma, and summer light."

— Kim Ji Hyun

Learn more about the color theory on idols in the full video below.