SHINee Announces To Release 7th Full Album On February 22

SHINee Announces To Release 7th Full Album On February 22

SHINee will finally return to their fans with the 7th full album as the team is whole again after Onew, Key and Minho completed their military duty.


SHINee hosted the special live 'The Ringtone: SHINee is Back' on YouTube and V LIVE from 7 PM KST on January 31, where they communicated with fans through various stories and performances before their much-awaited comeback.

The members personally gave some spoilers regarding the new full-length album, which is scheduled to be released about 3 years after their 6th full-length album 'The Story of Light' released in 2018, drawing enthusiastic response from fans.

Minho said about the release date of the album, "It's February 22nd, everyone." Onew said, "On February 22nd, SHINee is back."

In addition, SHINee pre-released the song 'Marry You', one of the tracks in their 7th full-length album, and received a good response. The title track 'Good Evening' of the 6th full-length album 'The Story of Light' EP.1 was also performed, and the solo stages featuring each member's individuality have proven their nickname "stage master" again.

This official group comeback happens after 3 members of the team were discharged from the military.

Leader Onew joined the army in December 2018 and was discharged on July 20, 2020. Key joined the army in March 2019 and ended his military service on October 7, 2010. Minho joined the Marine Corps in April 2019 and was discharged on November 15, 2020. Born in 1993, Taemin is expected to join the army in the near future.