'Produce X 101' Kwon Tae Eun And 'Under 19' Choi Yong Hun To Debut In New Model-like Boy Group 'WOW'

'Produce X 101' Kwon Tae Eun And 'Under 19' Choi Yong Hun To Debut In New Model-like Boy Group 'WOW'

Kwon Tae Eun from Mnet's 'Produce X 101' and Choi Yonghun from MBC's 'Under Nineteen' will join the seven-member boy group WOW.


The group is formed under A.conic and Stallion Entertainment. The agencies announced on September 22 that, "The 7-member boy group WOW will soon join the K-pop scene." A total of seven members were decided to join the WOW, including Kwon Tae Eun (former contestant of 'Produce X 101'), Choi Yonghun (former contestant of 'Under Nineteen'), Yoon Da Ro, Joo Won Dae, Yoo Seong Eun, Lee Pando, Jeon Sejjin.

"WOW will release its debut album at the end of October," the agencies said. "WOW stands for 'WIZARD OF THE WORLD' and means the boys will be wizards of the world." Each member has the ambition to capture the hearts of fans like a wizard with perfect performances, great singing abilities and colorful charms.


"WOW is not only a model-like boy group, but also a talented boy group that is faithful to their main job," the agencies said. "We ask for your high expectations and interest in WOW, which will make their debut in perfect shape after a long time of preparation."

Meanwhile, WOW is said to be leading the way even before their debut, working with their fashion brand MONTSENU, which is showing "sustainable fashion," including hoodies made of discarded plastic bottles and coats made of stock fabric.