Kim Hyunbin, a former contestant in ‘Produce X 101‘, has opened a personal Instagram and YouTube channel, where he announced his future plan.


Kim Hyunbin opened his personal Instagram account (hbin135) on April 15 and posted on the same day to announce his recent status.

He wrote in the post, “Hello, I’m Kim Hyunbin. I’m leaving the company. I’m studying and aiming to enroll in a university.”

He continued, “I’m going to upload pictures and videos once in a while on YouTube and Instagram! Please watch it a lot.”


He also opened a personal YouTube channel under the name of ‘빌보드 남자’ (‘Billboard Man’).


Cover videos of Park Won’s ‘Try’ and Bolbbalgan4‘s ‘We Loved’ were uploaded on the channel on the April 15 and 16, respectively.

“I played the dolphin because I couldn’t play the guitar at night,” The idolsaid while singing with a dolphin doll.