Park Myung Soo Under Fire After Alleged “Inappropriate” Behavior Towards TWICE Tzuyu & Dahyun

Park Myung Soo Under Fire After Alleged “Inappropriate” Behavior Towards TWICE Tzuyu & Dahyun

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TWICE recently released their latest track “SCIENTIST.” As expected, the members have been going to different shows and having different schedules to promote the song.

Recently, Tzuyu and Dahyun appeared on radio host Park Myung Soo‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show. However, the host has come under fire after criticism of his behavior and attitude towards the members.

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Park Myung Soo and TWICE’s Dahyun | @gpark_radio/ Instagram

On November 17, Tzuyu and Dahyun appeared on Park Myung Soo’s radio show to discuss the group’s latest track. Very quickly, netizens and ONCEs started to share their concerns about what was being said during the show and the host’s behavior throughout.

One of the core issues that fans had was that Park Myung Soo kept referring to Tzuyu as a “foreigner” and asking multiple times whether she was able to follow or understand what he was saying. Although Tzuyu was born in Taiwan, she has lived in Korea for many years and is extremely fluent in the language.

At one point, fans also noticed that Park Myung Soo seemed pushy in his tone and almost as if he was interrupting the two members as they were speaking and trying to answer his questions.

Aside from these comments and the host’s attitude, many fans noticed the unsuitability and awkwardness of the questions asked.

For example, they were asked about “SCIENTIST” and the ranking on the K-Charts. ONCEs voiced their annoyance as many shared that he rarely spoke about the track during the rest of the show.

Park Myung Soo also asked the members if they would wait for their boyfriend if they were in the military. Many fans deemed it unnecessary with both members’ status as idols and the taboo nature of dating in K-Pop. Both members seemed uncomfortable and looked to their manager for guidance.

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When the episode was aired, fans shared their thoughts on the interview and explained that it was also unexpected as JYP Entertainment had not announced this schedule. Many also voiced that they did not want to see any of the members on that show again.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that the radio host has come under fire for his behavior towards female celebrities. In 2018, he received criticism after many viewers believed he mistreated the female cast members on the tvN show Salty Tour. Neither Park Myung Soo nor JYP Entertainment has responded to the criticisms.