IVE Liz Surprises Netizens With Her Latest Appearance Captured Live In A Concert In Japan

IVE Liz Surprises Netizens With Her Latest Appearance Captured Live In A Concert In Japan

Netizens are discussing the latest appearance of IVE's Liz.

Since last summer, Liz has been amassing attention online for her weight gain. Due to the apparent differences from her debut appearance, Liz has been garnering both words of concern and support for her weight changes.

On an online community forum, netizens expressed their surprise at several photos of Liz taken and uploaded live at a recent concert in Japan. The images were unedited fan-taken footage of the screens at the venue.

Netizens commented that they "don't intend to write hate comments" but wondered whether or not she has been "monitoring her own activities lately." Others also mentioned that they were concerned for her health overall. Meanwhile, several fans also defended Liz with comments directed at the original poster.

Reactions include:

"This really isn't a hate comment but has she been able to monitor herself lately?"

"Why is she gaining more and more??"

"I am more concerned for the mental wellbeing of the original poster than for Liz, this is the honest truth"

"But honestly, Liz isn't in a position like others in a social class where people don't have the options to avoid instant foods or make healthier choices. The company can help her out with dieting if she wanted to and even said that Starship Entertainment generally takes good care of these things really well. Furthermore, they can ask for Pilates classes and PT instructors to help them out. You're also not alone because other members are also taking care of themselves. I'm not saying all this to support hate comments but I am just seriously thinking what would be the best solution for Liz."

"Who cares if she is gaining weight or not?"

"Well, on a positive note, if Liz doesn't care about the comments then it means that she has a personality that isn't bothered by these things. Which is a good thing."

"I just can't believe this is going to create more comparative differences between her and Jang Won Young"

"Isn't this okay though? I think y'all are just hating. They say that anti-kpop fans overseas hate on kpop for having skinny dolls as idols, so..."

What are your thoughts?

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