Interesting Relationship Between Leader And Oldest Member - EXO Suho And Xiumin (p.1)

Interesting Relationship Between Leader And Oldest Member - EXO Suho And Xiumin (p.1)

It is common to pay attention to the interaction between the leader of an idol group and the market because it usually...

It is common to pay attention to the interaction between the leader of an idol group and the market because it usually means interaction between the oldest and youngest members. But for EXO, the leader is not the usual oldest member. Leader Suho is actually the second-largest member of the group.


Suho (born in 1991) is one year younger than Xiumin (born in 1990). Many fans have observed their interaction in many situations. How do they get along? Are they close to each other? In this article, the Korean channel will break down the moments between Suho and Xiumin, and check their intimacy through a bunch of pictures, and videos! stay tuned! !

Partners in Variety Shows

In 2013, in order to promote their repackaged album XOXO (the title song is Growl), EXO became a guest of MBC Weekly Idol for the second time. During the show, members are required to dance women's group dance. Suho is known for dancing to SISTAR songs. He cooperated with Xiumin and they danced to me. The audience was impressed by the fluency of their dancing.

In 2014, EXO aired a variety show on Mnet called EXO 90: 2014. In one of the episodes, members are gathered and danced to their own songs. Xiumin and Suho happen to be partners and have danced the song Overdose together.

In 2018, EXO appeared in JTBC's variety show "Knowing Brothers" for the second time. Xiumin admitted that he has no friends except EXO members, and Heechul said that Suho and Xiumin are outsiders (not very social, so they don't have many friends). Suho replied that he and Xiumin are both producers, and because he is serious, he asked the producers to reduce broadcast footage. When asked why he didn't like this attention, Suho said it was to allow other group members to have more time for screenings. However, both Suho and Xiumin were roasted by Heechul, and he said that for someone who doesn't like attention, they are in the middle. His sarcasm made everyone laugh.

XiuHo in concerts

Not only in variety shows, but their moments can also be found in concerts. During their EXO’luXion world tour, the band performed their song "Playboy". For the chorus, they will be paired and danced. It was an emotional dance, so the fans were crazy about it. Suho and Xiumin are partners in this show, and the interaction between us is far from enough!

During the same world tour, when they visited Osaka, Sehun had Xiumin hug Suho's back for a moment and pretended to kiss him on the cheek. However, Xiumin played persistently, keeping his lips close to SuHo's cheeks.


In another concert, Sehun took Xiumin and Suho face to face. Then he pulled their heads closer, but both Xiumin and Suho tried to resist it so resolutely. Unfortunately, before they got closer, the show had to continue, and Sehun had to stop. Nevertheless, thanks to this evil maknae for making this precious moment come true!

On April 14, 2015, they held a fan signing event on Jeju Island. The weather was so cold and windy that Xiumin started to tremble and tried to catch it. However, Suho, who was standing next to him, noticed and immediately hugged him from behind to keep him warm. Even if it only lasts for a few minutes, it lasts forever for us who see it.


EXO’s Official Book (EXO-L Japan Magazine)

EXO has published a 9-volume EXO official book, EXO-L Japan magazine. It contains exclusive interviews on EXO members’ likes, dislikes, relationships with other members, music, and many other topics (including interesting facts).


In Volume 6, when asked about members’ favorite gifts, Xiumin replied that he liked Suho’s ice cream cake. He also said that like Baekhyun and D.O, Suho is the hardest member of the group. Later, he and other members (except Kai and Chen) also said that Suho was the most anxious person.

1.Use a phrase to describe relationship between you two!Best friend, my loverMy forever/eternal leader
2.The other person’s strong pointStrong sense of responsibility, most passionate among the othersSelf-care
3.First impression of the other personAdorable rocker (Reason: long hair and ability to reach high notes calmly)Cool (Reason: the first time we were trainees, the word “extremely cool” came to my mind)
4.Unforgettable words/advice from the other person“The leader that I believe”, hearing this makes me feel really gratefulNone. *laugh* I always value all his advice.
5.Something you would like to attempt with the other personTravelling (Reason: hoping to talk about topics regarding our future. Since we have different travel interest, I’d like to follow his plan on first day and spend another day following me to heritage sitesTravelling (Reason: Suho enjoys travelling and has been to many places so I feel that compared to anyone else, it would be extremely fun to travel with him)
6.A promotional phrase for the other personAgile Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)Shining and Easy-Going Leader
7.Something you would like to tell to the other person which you are unable to do usuallyDrinking Alcohol and Exercising-Maniac Xiumin, other than these two things, what would you be interested in?Have you been tidying up well recently?
8.Three daily things which comprise of the other person’s lifeExercising, Practicing, Drinking AlcoholHealthy Food, Travelling, Exercising
9.If given a chance to switch identity with each other for a day, what would you like to doDrinking alcohol (Reason: wish to be able to drink really expensive alcohol)We are both really similar
10.A sight of the other person that surprises the other which the fans aren’t aware ofAfter drinking alcohol, cuteness level increases by 99999999 timesWhatever you see is everything because he is extremely an honest person

Sense of Humour

Suho is known for his bad jokes, and most members have had enough. However, Xiumin actually found that Suho was an interesting person. The members admitted that their two companions have the same sense of humor, which only they can understand.

At the EXOrdium concert in 2016, Xiumin saw Suho suddenly stand up and use his butt to dust off for cleaning. Xiumin thinks Suho wants to dance like the other members behind him. After that, Xiumin couldn't help laughing so that he couldn't sing. Chen approached him, as if asking him why, then he explained. Because Xiumin doesn't sing, it confuses Sehun who is sitting next to Chen, and asks Chen too.

In EXO's own variety show "Around the World on EXO's Stairs", when Xiumin made a joke, they gathered together and started the game. It started with Chanyeol, who wanted to clarify the punishment for the loser of the ladder game.

He said, “So is it where the one team eats and the other doesn’t? That’s cruel!” Then, suddenly, a voice comes from Xiumin, who sings an old tune with the same words that Chanyeol used, “That’s cruel. Cruel!” He was actually singing So Chan-hwee’s song Tears as a joke, but Chanyeol and Kai just froze. D.O opened his eyes wider and Chen seemed like he didn’t want to care. 

(to be cont.)