Behind the cold look is a guy full of fun and surprises.

In the EXO lineup, Sehun is the youngest member and also suffers from many prejudices from the online community because of his limited singing ability compared to his seniors in the group. In addition, his characteristic cold face received many criticisms from anti-fans. But to EXO fans, he is extremely favored because he always silently cares for everyone, is very passionate, and often secretly does charity work …

And the 5 secrets revealed below will tell you more about the god EXO Sehun:

1. Favorite sports team

In a previous interview on radio Sehun revealed that his favorite sports team was the Korean Doosan Bears baseball team. Doosan Bears is Seoul’s famous baseball team alongside the Samsung Lions team.


2. Milktea ‘boy’

EXO members often share Sehun’s unstoppable love for milk tea. His favorite milk tea shop has become a hot spot for EXO fans, one of the ‘must-go’ spots. Another revelation from fans is that Sehun loves milk tea and chips.


3. Childhood dream

When Sehun was in elementary school, he was constantly teased by having the same name as the mayor of Seoul city – Oh Sehun. By the 6th grade, Sehun decided he wanted to become the president of South Korea because he said that a politician would hold the highest power.


4. Social media

Sehun was the first member of the group to open an account on social networks. His original Instagram manager named the account @xlkslb_ccdtks. Derived from the initials of the members at that time, from the oldest to the youngest. Then in 2014, Sehun changed his username to @oohsehun as he is now.


5. Bestfriend

In 2017, Sehun excitedly posted a photo of NCT‘s Jonny on his personal Instagram when Jonny was debuted. Sehun has never promoted an individual’s debut before. He expressed his joy because the two of them became best friends during their trainee days. Sehun is 1 year older than Jonny. But they did not bother because of the age difference and became best friends in the Kbiz world.