How Many Brands BLACKPINK Jennie Is Currently Representing?

How Many Brands BLACKPINK Jennie Is Currently Representing?

Let's check out what they are!

BLACKPINK Jennie is one of the most highly sought-after female K-Pop idols and many love how she takes on the different products and brands with her unique and one-of-a-kind image.

From luxury brands to vitamin drinks, Kpopmap noticed that the idol is currently representing 6 different brands!


You would know that Jennie was given the nickname 'Human CHANEL' because of well she suits to the outfits from the luxury brand. She had done numerous photoshoots while wearing outfits from the brand and fans love the way it brings out the sophisticated sides of her.

Later, Jennie was announced as the house ambassador for the brand.


Representing beauty brand 'HERA', Jennie was seen showing off her flawless skin and ability to pull off any look and makeup that was given to her.

From compact cushion to even lipstick, 'HERA' had released many different pictorials that allow the idol to show off her chic and stylish images.


You have to admit that only the top artists in Korea get to snag a CF deal with soju companies.

IU and Suzy are some of the memorable names and it looks like Jennie is the next to hit it even bigger than before.

AIR BAKED (Potato Chips)

Instead of having your potato chips fried, Jennie is representing a potato chip company that air-baked them for healthier choices!

Some fans commented that the brand actually tastes better than they had expected and mentioned that they will continue to support it.


When it comes to fashion, the influence Jennie has is no joke.

Representing GENTLE MONSTER, Jennie exuded the artisan atmosphere as well as brought out the edge in the various accessories that she had put on.

Vita 500

The latest CF deal Jennie has is none other than the vitamin drink, Vita500!

She looks cheerful and bubbly, making not only her fans but also regular consumers feel energized just by seeing her infectious smile.