Here Is How Netizens Reacted To The News That EXID’s Hani Is Dating Yang Jae Woong

Here Is How Netizens Reacted To The News That EXID’s Hani Is Dating Yang Jae Woong

“Maybe they leaked the news because they are getting married…”

On June 29, Wikitree released an exclusive report stating that EXID‘s Hani was dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong.

Yang Jae Woong | @jw0601/Instagram

Hani | @ahnanihh/Instagram

Hani’s agency Sublime Artist Agency confirmed with Wikitree that the two are indeed in a relationship.

Hani is in a good relationship with Yang Jae Woong. Please continue to support the two of them. — Sublime Artist Agency

The report stated that the two have been dating for two years.

Yang Jae Woon (left) and Hani (right) | @jw0601/Instagram (first picture) and @ahnanihh/Instagram (second picture)

Soon after, netizens found clues about their relationship on their respective Instagrams.

| @jw0601/Instagram

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

Turns out they were hinting that they were in love all along!

| @jw0601/Instagram

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

In a post that has been viewed over 170K times, netizens reacted to the news of the new couple.

| Nate Pann

Woah There Is An Article About EXID Hani’s Relationship. — Title of Nate post

Many netizens felt that Hani would be compatible with an established older man like Yang Jae Woong.

  • “I can understand falling for an ajussi (mid-aged man) like Yang Jae Woong. LOL He’s smart, makes a lot of money, and takes care of himself. He even has a great personality!”
  • “If 40-year-old-men want to date a young and pretty woman, you have to be physically fit and make a lot of money like Yang Jae Woong.”
  • “I remember Hani said she was studying psychology. They must have been dating since then. Hani seems intellectually more mature than people her age, so I think she would be compatible with an older man. There is nothing wrong with him, so why would anyone care about the age gap?”

Other netizens also stated that they felt Hani has been happier of late and noticed positive changes since their relationship. Some even felt the two might get married.

  • Oh, I noticed that Hani has been much more stable and seemed more comfortable with herself. Could it be from him? Yang Jae Woong seems kind. Although he is a doctor, he doesn’t seem cold. He is good-looking and has taken care of himself. They look good together.
  • Oh, maybe they leaked the news they were together because they will soon be getting married.
  • There were times when I felt Hani wasn’t stable emotionally, and I think he’ll be able to care for her well. He is good-looking and has a great job. Who cares about a nine-year age gap? If it was ten, it might be weird, but nine is nothing these days.

Hani debuted with EXID in 2012. Although the group didn’t receive much popularity in the beginning, a legendary fan cam of Hani performing EXID’s “Up&Down” brought instant stardom to the group.

Hani has transitioned from EXID to focus on her acting career. She has starred in K-Dramas Ghost Doctor and IDOL: The Coup. She also appeared on many variety shows and has established herself as a multi-faceted entertainer.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

Yang Jae Woong is the head of Women’s Jin Hospital. He is well-known in Korea for his many appearances on variety shows as a health expert. The doctor also runs his own YouTube channel.

Congratulations to the new couple!

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Source: Koreaboo