Here Are Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Artists In China So Far

Here Are Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Artists In China So Far

China's 'China AiMan Commercial Index' reveals the list of their 'Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Stars In China.'

On February 4, Thursday, China's Commercial Index has shown incredible results of K-pop artists that are most popular in China. Indeed, some K-pop artists and labels wanted to enter the Chinese market as they're also getting a tremendous amount of support from China fans.

South Korea also pulls talents from China and has successfully debuted some of them in the K-pop scene. Not just China, but the current labels of K-pop artists today also ventured to other markets, including Thailand, Japan, and more.

Some K-pop artist may not seem as popular as others who are making names abroad but is massively popular in China. Prominence in China indicates how much love and support the K-pop idol is getting through her music releases and promotional activities.

Check out the list of China's 'Weekly AiMan Index Chart' of the Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Stars in China:

HyunA - 41,250 points

EXO's D.O - 28,616 points

BLACKPINK's Jennie - 26,923 points

ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo - 26,712 points

BTS V - 24,955 points

EXO's Baekhyun - 20,460 points

BLACKPINK's Rosé - 20,121 points

EXO's Sehun - 17,750 points

BTS's Jungkook - 16,542 points

BLACKPINK's Lisa - 14,207 points

The list summarizes the most popular K-pop artists in China and is undoubtedly the most talked-about artists in the online Chinese community. This just also proved how much of an open type the country of China is to other nationalities, specifically in Korean culture, as they are very fond of their music and art.

With talented K-pop artists, the K-pop genre is paving the way to making their artists known, and their culture is embraced by other people worldwide.


Top 10 Female K-Pop Idols With The Most Influence On Chinese Social Network

This ranking is calculated based on the number of people searching for keywords on the social networking site Weibo. Topping this chart in January 2021 is followed by "national sister" IU with nearly 15,000 votes.

Not only possessing a very sweet and soaring voice, IU is also loved by fans thanks to active communication through her personal page. Therefore, it is not surprising that IU topped this chart.

IU ranks 1st on the list

Coming in at No.2 continues to be Lisa (BLACKPINK). It can be said that Lisa is the member that is most loved by young Chinese people today. Especially after taking on the role of a coach in the show Youth With You 2.

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Follow is BLACKPINK Lisa
Rosé takes on the 3rd place
4th place is Jisoo
Jennie place at No.5 which made all of BLACKPINK appear on the list

In addition, Son Ye Jin didn't make it to the chart, even though in January, she caused a storm when announcing dating with Hyun Bin.

Yoona is No.6
Krystal is No.7
Park Shin Hye is No.8
Song Ji Hyo is at No.9
Song Hye Kyo is at No.10