Girl’s Day Shares Tearful Photos From Sojin’s Wedding

Girl’s Day Shares Tearful Photos From Sojin’s Wedding

The members of Girl’s Day got emotional at Sojin’s wedding!

On November 18, Sojin tied the knot with actor Lee Dong Ha in Seoul, and her Girl’s Day bandmates came together to show love on her special day.

After the wedding, Hyeri, Minah, and Yura all took to Instagram to share photos from the happy occasion. Notably, the photos show the entire group tearing up together, reminding fans of just how strong the members’ bond is.

In her Instagram post, Hyeri wrote:

“Hyeri, I’m getting married. Could I ask you to give a speech?”

It feels like that day, when I had so many mixed emotions, was just yesterday…
But our unnie [older sister or friend] got married today.
Sojin unnie, who was the prettiest in the entire world.
I congratulate you the most out of everyone on earth!!!! You need to be happy.

Meanwhile, Minah wrote:

Today was a moment when the days we worked passionately and [Sojin] unnie’s hard work all passed before my eyes like photographs.
I was also happy to be able to see [Sojin] unnie looking happy.
Now, I’ll yield our unnie to our brother-in-law.
Sojin unnie, I truly congratulate you.

Finally, Yura wrote:

We, whose [time together] was like a dream, let’s stay together forever for the rest of our lives.
I sincerely congratulate our beloved [Sojin] unnie on your marriage, and I love you a lot.
My [Girl’s Day] members, Ahyoung-ie [Yura’s given name] loves you a lot.

Check out all of Girl’s Day’s photos from Sojin and Lee Dong Ha’s wedding below!

Congratulations to the happy couple!