Girl Group bugAboo Disbands A Year And 2 Months After Debut

Girl Group bugAboo Disbands A Year And 2 Months After Debut

Rookie girl group bugAboo has officially disbanded, a year and 2 month after their debut.

On December 8, ATEAM Entertainment announced via bugAboo's official fan cafe:

"Hello, this is ATEAM Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank fans for their love and support toward bugAboo. We would like to deliver an announcement regarding bugAboo's group activities.

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After debuting and striving forward with the love of fans, bugAboo will officially wrap up group promotions as of today. Through a deep and lengthy discussion between the agency and the members, it was decided that the contracts of all six members would be terminated.

Once again, we thank fans for the great love and support they showed bugAboo, and we apologize for delivering this very sudden news.

We ask for your warm love and encouragements as the members take on new paths."

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bugAboo debuted as a 6-member group under ATEAM Entertainment on October 25, 2021 with the release of their self-titled single album, 'bugAboo'. The group most recently made a comeback with their 2nd single album 'Pop' in June.

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