"British" K-pop Group KAACHI Officially Disbands

"British" K-pop Group KAACHI Officially Disbands

KAACHI received much attention when they first debuted as they were the first "British" K-pop girl group. 

Their debut music video, "Your Turn," garnered 10 million views within 60 days of being uploaded on YouTube and gained a total of 14 million views in total over the span of 2 years.

The group gained much attention in that they were not a conventional K-pop group consisting of mainly Korean members and did not debut with a Korean entertainment company. KAACHI consisted of three European members and one Korean member - Chunseo, Dani, Nichole, and Coco.

Despite debuting with a start-up company and consisting of mostly European members, KAACHI didn't fall short of being a conventional girl group in that they promoted K-pop songs and even released merchandise in their name. The girls continued to release various singles and continued to have an active presence on social media until 2022.

Unfortunately, KAACHI announced that they will officially disband on February 28 after the final two members decided to leave the company.

After garnering attention, member Dani decided to leave the group in 2021, followed by Coco departing from the group in 2022. Then on February 28, members Nicole and Chunseo decided to leave as well.

KAACHI's agency stated, "After careful discussions behind the scene, we are making an announcement that the official contract between the company, Nicole and Chunseo has been terminated."

The company added, "We will be happily rooting for each other whatever we do, wherever we are. The documentary Nicole and Chunseo participated in as the main cast will be officially released in the upcoming May. Please look forward to it:) We wish all the best for Nicole and Chunseo’s future endeavors. Thank you everyone for all the love and support."

Many fans were disappointed but showed support for the members as they commented, "I will support my girls no matter what," "Thank you, Kaachi," "Finally omfg will support the girls always! Go kaachi! New beginning", and "Let's hope that the girls have a prosperous future and we can be part of it, provided support from us, blessings."

Source: Allkpop