Female K-Pop Idols That have Amazing Golden Body Ratios

Female K-Pop Idols That have Amazing Golden Body Ratios

Some ordinary people are so tall, but may not have the ideal ratio body. Some people may be a little bit short but have amazing body ratio.

Having a great body ratio allows people to look great in any outfit whether they are short or tall. There have been a select few female idols in the industry known for having not just the best figures, but the highly coveted "golden" ratio.

You can check some of them out below.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu is literally a goddess. She is 172 cm tall, she's taller than most female idols and she also has a perfect body ratio as well. Life can seem really unfair for normal people when you look at Tzuyu's beauty.

Jang WonYoung (IZ*ONE)

The maknae of IZ*ONE's Jang WonYoung is really young, but we can not underestimate her golden ratio body.

Kim MinJu (IZ*ONE)

Kim MinJu is just 166cm tall, but due to her golden ratio, she looks a lot taller than she really is.

SoWon (GFriend)

You can already see that SoWon's legs make up two-thirds of her entire body. Perhaps one of the best body ratios out there, it's amazing how long SoWon's legs are.

SeolHyun (AOA)

Any subject of conversation about fit bodies is incomplete without SeolHyun.