Female Idols Whose Visuals Best Represent The Big 3 K-Pop Companies

Female Idols Whose Visuals Best Represent The Big 3 K-Pop Companies

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When it comes to the K-Pop industry, there is no denying that all the female idols have visuals that are out of this world. No matter what company or whether they are in a group or soloists, their beauty is ethereal and, combined with their talent and personalities, cement their status as K-Pop idols!

In a recent forum, netizens had a look at the female artists from the “Big 3,” which are JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. They listed the idols they thought best represent each company, and here are their picks.

1. Yoona (Girls’ Generation) – SM Entertainment

Although debuting in 2007 and being one of the veteran girl groups, Girls’ Generation continue to be the standard-bearers for idols. In particular, Yoona has the same stunning visuals at 31-years-old as she did when they first appeared on the scene. As expected, her looks have matured over the years but are still effortlessly flawless.

2. Irene (Red Velvet) – SM Entertainment

From Red Velvet, Irene was picked for her unique visuals that are eyecatching and outstanding. For many, Irene has traditional beauty that, although sometimes seems cold, just emphasizes her personality and charms. In particular, netizens have noticed the symmetry in her face, which makes Irene stand out even more!

3. Karina (aespa) – SM Entertainment

After aespa debuted last year, all of the members gained attention for their unique and undeniable visuals. In particular, member Karina caught the eyes of fans. Although sometimes she might seem cold with her sharp features, her warm personality has made netizens fall in love with her looks and charm.

4. Suzy (Miss A) – JYP Entertainment

Although Suzy is known for her amazing acting, it still shocks fans that she was part of the JYP group Miss A. After learning that, there is no denying that Suzy still has Grade A visuals that she continues to showcase in her acting work. Suzy has been around for over ten years, yet her visuals are youthful, and she doesn’t like she’s aged!

5. Tzuyu (TWICE) – JYP Entertainment

It seems as if people can’t share their love for Tzuyu’s visuals enough! From former managers, music video editors, to fans, it is impossible not to notice just how gorgeous she is! With an award-winning smile and an adorable personality, she is really one of the most noticeable visuals in K-Pop.

6. Yuna (ITZY) – JYP Entertainment

Like Tzuyu, Yuna is an idol whose visuals netizens can’t stop praising. With her small, round face and strong features, she is able to pull off any concept given to the group, which ranges from powerful to peppy. Although she looks innocent, when she is on stage, she brings this unrivaled passion!

7. Sandara Park (2ne1) – YG Entertainment

Like Yoona and Suzy, although Sandara Park has been in the business for a long time, there is no denying that her visuals are still second to none. With her wide eyes and inviting smile, her bubbly personality just draws people’s attention!

8. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – YG Entertainment

When it comes to girl groups, nobody can miss out BLACKPINK! Although all the members are pure visuals, netizens specifically picked out the oldest member Jisoo. There is no denying that her visuals are amazing, but her warm and caring personality makes fans fall in love with her!

Source: koreaboo