Fans Of WayV’s Ten Call Out SM Entertainment For “Scamming” Them Following Delayed Fan Call Event

Fans Of WayV’s Ten Call Out SM Entertainment For “Scamming” Them Following Delayed Fan Call Event

Here’s what happened.

Fans of WayV‘s Ten have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with SM Entertainment for the singer’s long-delayed fansign event.

Ten | SM Entertainment

In December of 2021, the members of NCT 2021 released an album entitled Universe. A few months later in February 2022, SM Entertainment announced that they would be holding a video fansign for the members who participated in the album. The event was to take place via Yizhiyu, an e-commerce platform that was also in charge of releasing the Universe physical albums.

In the notice, majority of the boys already had timeslots allotted to them. The Chinese site promised to release details on Ten’s and Yuta‘s video call schedule at a later date.

YUTA and TEN’s video call times are yet to be decided and will be announced once known. — Yizhiyu

Not long after, the winners of the video call event were announced.

Yuta’s fansign took place as expected, with the winning NCTzens uploading screen recordings of their time with him on February 23.

However, as of the time of writing, no details have been released about Ten’s video call event which was also supposed to take place at around the same time.

Fans spent a significant amount of money to purchase numerous albums in order to increase their chances of being one of the lucky winners. They estimated that the parties involved gained hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ten’s fans alone.

Moreover, due to the event not taking place, the fans did not even receive the physical albums that they purchased. They began trending #WhereisTENnct2021Callsign on social media site Twitter to voice their displeasure.

The two-fold offense is why they are accusing SM Entertainment of being “unprofessional,” “scammers,” and “cheaters.”

They voiced their anger at having been given no new details since the initial winner’s announcement. Over five months have passed since then.

SM Entertainment has yet to issue a response regarding their concerns.

Source: Koreaboo