Here’s Every Member Of WayV Blessing Us With Their Ripped Abs

Here’s Every Member Of WayV Blessing Us With Their Ripped Abs

Winwin effortlessly goes from chic to badass.

When WayV‘s Xiaojun saw a photo of all the group’s members with abs, he shared his frustration at not being included. To solve the problem, Xiaojun eventually did an abs reveal to complete the set. So here’s every member going shirtless to show off their sculpted abs.

Hendery, Kun, Winwin, Xiaojun, YangYang, and Ten.

1. Kun

Leader Kun showed everyone how it’s done by pairing a plaid suit with abs.

2. Xiaojun

Xiaojun showed off his artsy side by unbuttoning his shirt and decorating his abs with layered necklaces.

3. Winwin

Perfectly pulling off the rebel vibes of “Turn Back Time”, Winwin showed off his sculpted abs in a studded jacket.

4. YangYang

Maknae (youngest member) YangYang has been shyer about showing his abs, giving everyone brief peeks.

5. Ten

Being true to himself, Ten causally showed off his toned abs in a stylish pink jacket and tan pants combo.

6. Hendery

Turning into models for their ELLE magazine feature, Hendery charismatically bared his abs.

7. Lucas

When teasing NCT 2020’s RESONANCE albums, Lucas did just that by causally showing off his abs.

Source: Koreaboo