Fans Are Concerned About The Weird Number Of Incidents In Wayv’s Dorm After YangYang’s Latest Update Shows Their Ceiling Leaking

Fans Are Concerned About The Weird Number Of Incidents In Wayv’s Dorm After YangYang’s Latest Update Shows Their Ceiling Leaking

“The cats are using the dorm as a water park,” — YangYang

Recent updates from WayV‘s YangYang has fans both amused and concerned about the state of WayV’s dorm. The members of WayV have been plagued by several dorm incidents, and now that their ceiling has started leaking, fans are hilariously wondering just what the deal is.

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In the past, many of the struggles WayV faced in their dorm were pet-related. Last year, for example, YangYang told fans that he had come home one day to find one of the group’s cat, Leon, swimming in the fish tank…while Xiaojun once happened to catch their dog, Bella, peeing in Kun‘s room while he was on live.

The members, and Xiaojun in particular, are also convinced that there was a ghost in their former dorm. In an Instagram live last year, he told fans he was sure Bella was seeing a ghost after she stared suspiciously at the corner of the room. And when Ten was told about this ghost, he had the most hilariously pragmatic answer to the issue.

But WayV’s dorm issues weren’t only caused by pets and supernatural phenomenons. Kun struggled with his clothes hanger for a long time because it kept collapsing in his room. In a Dear U. Bubble update in December 2021, he sent a picture of the state of his room after the hanger’s latest collapse…

…and fans got to be entertained watching him struggle to put it back up with the help of NCT DREAM Chenle‘s in a live stream titled “The most miserable live of my entire life.”

But in his latest Dear U. Bubble update, YangYang showed fans a slightly more concerning sight. His ceiling was leaking, and not just a little bit! According to YangYang, he discovered the leak when he noticed that Leon was wet. He had checked the fish tank first, and finding it ok, he went to the living room to find it looking like a “bat cave.”

After this news, fans immediately started wondering, what is the deal with WayV’s dorms? Nothing seems to go right…

…and the number of incidents is getting out of hand!

Most fans are sympathizing with the ‘mom of the group,’ Kun, in particular…

…as well as the lady who helps take care of the dorm—who probably deals with too much already!

After all, YangYang’s first reaction to the leak was to make jokes about it on social media…

…even hilariously calling out the cats for not inviting him to the ‘pool party’ that he said they were having!

While fans will remain concerned about WayV’s dorm, at least WayV themselves seem to be having fun.

Or at least, YangYang is. Hopefully for Kun this weird pattern of dorm mishaps doesn’t continue!

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