EXO Kai To Have An Obsession With One Thing, What's That?

EXO Kai To Have An Obsession With One Thing, What's That?
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Our Dancing King - EXO Kai has obsessed with one thing that melts fans' hearts

The thing that EXO Kai has a strong obsession with is "Teddy Bears".

EXO's Kai is called "Bear Nini" by his fans. Since his debut, fans have fallen in love with him because they claim that he looks like a teddy bear. With the passage of time, it seems that Kai himself has begun to enjoy this nickname! In the latest preview of "I Live Alone", he showed off his teddy bears' collection.

That’s a lot of bears for one person.

Kai even wears pajamas with teddy bears on them.

Fans also often gift him teddy bear items at the concerts.

His "obsession" with teddy bears has become famous so much that when EXO receives anything related to bears, … they automatically give it to him.

His airport outfits have had bears on his jacket, his back pocket, his scarf, and even in a surprising spot.

Kai even dresses his nephew up in teddy bear items as well.

Sometimes, he carries 'bears' as accessories.

He even spoiled fans once during an Instagram live with a bear hat.

Kai's love for teddy bears is endless! However, although he was cute when he stepped down, he turned into a charming monster on stage. We can't wait for his solo album to be released soon!


EXO Chanyeol's Birthday Celebration Throughout The Years

EXO Chanyeol's Birthday Celebration Throughout The Years

Throwback to the celebration of EXO Chanyeol's birthdays through the years since his debut.

Chanyeol debuted in 2012 and became the main rapper of the EXO band. He spent a lot of time with EXO and EXO-L (the name of EXO fans), including birthdays. The busy schedule and the series of activities, dramas, and concerts held at home and abroad make team members almost always celebrate each other's birthdays, especially with EXO-L. Let's take a look at EXO's annual Chanyeol birthday celebration!

Chanyeol’s Birthday from Time to Time #ChanyeolVirusDay

Chanyeol is one of Korea's top idols and even has many fans internationally. There is no doubt that EXO-L can be called one of the biggest fanatics. EXO's amazing songs and works can provide power to listeners, which is one of the reasons why EXO-L often mentions that they admire EXO and become EXO-L.

In order to repay all the expenses and please the idols, especially on any one of the members’ birthdays, fans often carry out various projects to celebrate their idol’s birthday and make hashtags and hot topics related to the idol’s birthday.

Here are some fans' projects and hashtags that fans have prepared for Chanyeol's birthday over the years.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2013

One year after EXO’s debut, November 27, 2013, was EXO’s "Happy Virus" (Chanyeol) birthday. Chanyeol is dubbed the "Happy Virus" name because he is one of the most cheerful members of the team. When they first showed up, Chanyeol was always a crowded and exciting member of each EXO interview.

"No matter how difficult the situation is, I still look at it from a positive perspective and always smile," Chanyeol said at the time.

He also called himself "Happy Virus" in the debut days.

In MBC’s EXO’s Showtime, episode 3, it coincided with Chanyeol’s birthday, and the members bought gifts for him separately. Kai and Sehun go to a convenience store, and Sehun asks Kai. "Do you have a wallet? I only have one card, but no card."

Through the EXO-L’s official website, Chanyeol shared a message with his fans on his birthday, which contained the following:

It is EXO’s vitamin Chanyeol!

Happy Birthday~ Happy Birthday~

Everyone hello!!
I visited the official homepage for a long time! You’re glad to see me right~?

Today is my 22nd birthday!
It’s already my second birthday after debut.
I think time goes by really fast!
It seems like just yesterday that I spent my birthday with everyone last year..

This year we promoted Wolf and Beauty.. promoted Growl..
received first place! As well as receive a big award!!
I think it was a year filled with truly good things!
That is why it is an even happier birthday.

It’s been around three months since the end of Growl promotions but you guys miss us right!?
I miss you guys so much tooㅠㅠ Please wait a bit more.
We will go to meet you guys with a different side of us!

Thank you very very much for wishing me a happy birthday!! I love you all~

All the other EXO members posted a message to Chanyeol, thanking them for including Chanyeol in the team and expressing their feelings to Chanyeol as a brother.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2014

On Chanyeol’s 23rd birthday, fans from all over the world celebrated and participated in their social media by congratulating and expressing hope for Chanyeol.

EXO-L and Chanyeol fans tweeted #HappyChanyeolDay together, hoping that it will become a hot topic on Twitter. They managed to make #HappyChanyeolDay the number one hot topic tag in the world on Twitter!

Not only did they make it become a trending topic, one of Chanyeol’s Chinese fansites, ‘Baidu Park Chanyeol Bar’ made a fan project for Chanyeol’s birthday, ‘Chanyeol Forest’. The patch of green — more like a garden than a forest — is located inside Sangam World Cup Stadium Park in Seoul and was formed to celebrate Chanyeol’s 23rd birthday (November 27th). Instead of sending the usual presents, Chanyeol’s Chinese fans incorporated for the “Star Forest” project.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2015

On his birthday that year, Chanyeol was busy filming the romantic comedy "Married to Fan" and celebrating his birthday with the film crew. He also received a cake from singer Jiang Chao. Zhao Chao has also released subtitles since then, and posted the following message on Weibo: "Chanyeol, happy birthday, happy birthday Chanyeol! I bought you a piece of cake today, and you can come to roast duck next time".

Via his Instagram post @real__pcy, Chanyeol uploaded a video where he was given a surprise by his colleague and the staff in his Chinese drama I Married an Anti-fan, following with the caption that Chanyeol wrote.

24th birthday to celebrate while shooting overseas! Thank you so much for all your congratulations !! We will continue to show a lot of humble and good looks! Happy birthday to you! # B Cam Director forgive I’m sorry # I was so cute to clap # I could not cut it”

To celebrate more on Chanyeol’s birthday, some fansites put out subway ads about Chanyeol’s birthday in several places in Korea. Chanyeol is really loved by his fans.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2016

In order to celebrate the anniversary of its artists, SM Entertainment, as the agency that oversees EXO and Chanyeol, holds a celebration that fans can attend on each artist’s birthday, and they didn’t miss Chanyeol’s birthday.

On November 24th, EXO‘s Chanyeol held an early birthday party celebration where he gave gifts to several of his fans.

Being a group that’s been together for more than four years, of course, the other EXO members didn’t want to miss out and celebrated Chanyeol’s birthday together, even in the midst of their busy lives and their individual schedules and schedules as a group.

They were seen to have celebrated Chanyeol’s birthday by eating together, and it was seen that the ‘maknae‘, Sehun, was holding his cake for Chanyeol.

A few days after Chanyeol’s birthday, EXO was scheduled to hold a concert in Taipei titled ‘EXO’rdium’. In a video taken by one of the fans who attended the concert, EXO and Taipei fans celebrated Chanyeol’s birthday.

On his 25th birthday, one of his fansites decided to make something special to celebrate Chanyeol’s Birthday. Members from his Chinese fan group, ‘Chanyeol Bar’ got a photo of Chanyeol’s face on the Nasdaq Screen in New York City’s Times Square.

The massive image on Time Square was accompanied by English text that said, “Happy 25th Birthday Park Chan Yeol” and was a very expensive fan present. The image was up in Times Square from November 7, 2016 – November 15, 2016 (a week). According to reports, it costs 3 billion KRW ($3.4 million AUD) for a monthly ad fee and about 700 million KRW ($800, 000 AUD) for a week.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2017

Once again, for his 26th birthday, SM again held Chanyeol’s Birthday Party at SM COEX Atrium. At his birthday event, Chanyeol said that the first member to congratulate him was Baekhyun, and it happened at 12:01.

On his birthday, SM Entertainment also celebrated Chanyeol’s birthday by uploading Chanyeol’s photo and the birthday cake given by SM on their official Twitter account (@SMTOWNGLOBAL).

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2018

It has become an annual SM event now to celebrate the birthdays of its artists, one of which is Chanyeol. When he turned 27, SM again held Chanyeol’s birthday, together with the lucky fans. This birthday celebration was held at the Atrium SM COEX.

The group did not miss out on Chanyeol’s birthday celebration. One by one, the members gave their congratulations and wishes on Chanyeol’s birthday, which was very touching. Having schedules that are equally congested, the members still remembered and gave their sincere congratulations to their group-mate Chanyeol.

On November 25, the Korean media outlet Hankook Ilbo reported a 5 – 6 meter high (approx. 20 – 23 feet) inflatable of a yellow hat, and overalls-wearing Chanyeol doll was placed at Han River Park in Seoul’s Jamwon neighborhood beside Hannam Bridge. Written across the inflatable’s chest was a banner that reads: “Park Chanyeol 1127 Happy Birthday.

One of Chanyeol’s fans, ‘Baidu Chan Bar’, an idol Chinese fan club hosted by China’s biggest portal site, Baidu, made it for the 27th anniversary of Chanyeol. The fan club claimed to be inspired by the ‘Rubber Duck’ that floated on Lake Seokchon Seoul in 2014. Netizens based in Seoul had various fan message boards to discuss ‘Rubber Chan’ and their own visit to the inflatable show. “It’s adorable at night,” the others shared. “I have to see it.” and even Chanyeol reportedly had come to make a visit to see the inflatable.

EXO fans, EXO-L always succeeded in surprisingChanyeol and the people around him by the way they celebrate the idol’s birthday from year to year. Chanyeol must be very happy and proud to have fans who love him so much. Let’s continue to support Chanyeol and the next work from Chanyeol and EXO!