C9 Shares Detailed Response Debunking Rumors Of Bullying Within CIX + To Potentially Take Legal Action

C9 Shares Detailed Response Debunking Rumors Of Bullying Within CIX + To Potentially Take Legal Action

Bae Jin Young's agency is denying rumors he's being ostracized by his fellow CIX members.

C9 Entertainment has shared a statement on CIX’s fan cafe to debunk maliciously edited videos that have led to bullying rumors and announce their intent to take legal action.

They shared, “First of all, we ask for your understanding that it took a lot of time to check the facts more accurately as the incident happened abroad in Europe. We have organized the false content and facts that are being distributed in relation to the specific video filmed in the concert hall.”

Update: C9 Shares Detailed Response Debunking Rumors Of Bullying Within CIX + To Potentially Take Legal Action

The first attached video is the maliciously edited clip of Bae Jin Young during CIX’s concert, which is the one circulating and fuelling the rumors. After, C9 attached a longer and unedited video showing the entire interaction. To explain further, C9 shared, “Contrary to the false information being spread, we can confirm that there was no ostracism against Bae Jin Young. Accordingly, we have requested MyMusicTaste, the tour organizer, to file a civil and criminal lawsuit against the first audience member who maliciously edited and distributed the video.”

Regarding the objects thrown on stage, C9 attached their concert notice of prohibited items which exclusively lists items that are not allowed inside the venue. The agency emphasized, “Before each concert, we strongly requested the organizers proceed with thorough guidance, such as prohibiting the act of throwing objects on stage. In fact, from the first concert, related notices were posted in writing and announced again before the start of the concert.”

Despite the notices, objects were ultimately thrown on stage during multiple shows. C9 shared, “We are holding the organizer responsible for not ejecting the audience member who threw objects at the concert, and we are also demanding stronger measures to prevent recurrence.”

They added that while it’s being distorted that Bae Jin Young was the sole target of these thrown objects, the other members were targeted too. Additionally, they confirmed that the object thrown was not a water bottle but rather things like dolls, bracelets, and slogans.

Circling back to the maliciously edited video of Bae Jin Young, C9 explained that the bullying rumors were being spread with no real evidence. They added that YouTube channels posting related content have been notified to delete the content within a week. If they do not comply, C9 will be taking legal action. C9 elaborated, “Please understand that not immediately proceeding with civil and criminal charges is only in consideration of the fact that we inevitably took time to confirm the exact facts of the case that happened abroad in Europe.”

The agency concluded, “As seen in the above videos and images, this case is a clear criminal act by malicious manipulation. With the members’ trust and friendship as the foundation, CIX is a team that works harder and more diligently than anyone else to achieve their one shared goal. We will continue to do our best so that the members can achieve the goals. We will also do our best for the safety and healthy activities of the members. Please give lots of interest and support to CIX in the future. Once again, we apologize for the fact that it took a considerable amount of time to check the facts more accurately. Thank you.”

Previously, rumors the former Wanna One member was getting bullied by the CIX members began spreading online after a video of fans throwing water bottles at him. One CIX member also commented that if there was a zombie outbreak he would use Bae Jin Young as a meat shield, and the controversy grew as former Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan shared the clip.

On sharing the content, Kim Jae Hwan's reps stated, "Kim Jae Hwan posted the content as he felt it was regretful Bae Jin Young is embroiled in such rumors."