BTS’s Jimin Can Pull Off Any Hair Color And Hairstyle, And Here’s Proof

BTS’s Jimin Can Pull Off Any Hair Color And Hairstyle, And Here’s Proof

Here are 7 times Jimin proved he looks great in every single hair color and hairstyle!

BTS‘s Jimin looks great in every hairstyle and hair color!

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

1. Pink Jimin

“Boy with Luv” Jimin was a cultural reset!

His pink hair was beautiful during the “Spring Day” era too, and it suited him especially well. He switched up his styling on multiple occasions during these eras. Sometimes, just a bit of his forehead was visible, and other times he covered his forehead completely with his bangs. Sometimes, he wore his hair very straight, and other times he wore it with a slight wave for a tousled look.

2. His fluffy blonde hair

Jimin looks so good with blonde hair that we’d believe him if he said he was a natural blonde!

During the “DNA” era, he had adorable fluffy blonde hair, and he looked great while rocking his wavy blonde hair!

3. His undercut

Jimin looked so handsome with his undercut!

The underside of his hair was very short, which added a hint of edginess to his hairstyle. His tousled hair on top made his hairstyle look even more trendy and stylish. Undercut Jimin will definitely go down in history!

4. His silver hair

Jimin looked awesome with silver hair!

He’s rocked silver hair in a few eras including “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and “On.” We’ll never get tired of it!

5. Orange Jimin

Jimin with orange hair is simply breathtaking!

He had orange hair during the “Run” era, and he looked so handsome!

6. His silver highlights

Jimin is fierce AND adorable with his highlights!

His highlights add dimension and intrigue to his black hair, and he looks absolutely gorgeous with this style! His thick, longish hair looks great with highlights whether he’s wearing it totally straight or slightly wavy.

7. Long hair

We hope we can see more of long-haired Jimin!

Jimin recently shared photos from when he had his highlights put in, and he was rocking super long hair in the behind-the-scenes photos. ARMYs were shook by his long hair, and Jimin broke the internet with his photos!