BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was So Stunning In A Little Black Dress She Caused It To Sell Out In One Hour

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was So Stunning In A Little Black Dress She Caused It To Sell Out In One Hour

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie posted some photos from BLACKPINK’s time in Hawaii and while fans have feeling overwhelmed by them all, there were a couple of pictures in particular that really caught attention.

While fans have been loving every single one of her gorgeous photos, Jennie’s Hawaii balcony scenes really stole the spotlight. In the photos, Jennie stood by a balcony overlooking Hawaii’s beautiful scenery and looked like the true goddess she is in a little black dress.

With just a few photos, Jennie’s heart-fluttering visuals left everyone breathless. And with the “Take me out to dinner?” and “Say yes” captions, everyone was definitely more than ready to say agree to Jennie’s dinner request!

Jennie’s visuals left everyone so stunned that BLINKs wanted to know a little bit more about that dress Jennie rocked and shortly after the photos were posted, BLINKs had tracked down the dress!

Once it had been identified, well, Jennie’s sell-out powers activated and the item sold out in an hour’s time even at a price of about $236 USD!

There’s simply no denying Jennie’s power!


Jennie Has Already Got Ready For Cold Weather With Her Winter Fashion

On November 20, BLACKPINK member Jennie posted two photos on her Instagram account.

Jennie posted two photos along with the caption, "Winter is coming." In the photos, Jennie is seen wearing a simple plaid scarf and a beige sweater. She updated her fans as she showed off her casual winter fashion begin buried in the large fluffy scarf.

Jennie caught the eyes of many netizens as she exuded her luxurious aura and showed off her petite figure in the oversized scarf.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK became the first K-Pop girl group to become a million-seller artist as they sold over a million copies of their first full-length album 'The Album.'


K-Netizens Highly Demand For Jennie and Lisa Sub-unit To Debut

BLACKPINK is famous for being able to "balance" all two opposing concepts, BLACK and PINK.

If the PINK concept is represented by two members, Jisoo and Rosé, who symbolize femininity and have a characteristic girly part of the girls, then the BLACK concept, undertaken by Jennie and Lisa, shows the definition of rebellious personality, extremely strong girl-crush. This perfect combination helps the YG Entertainment girl group have a clear direction and are achieving great success on their career path.

However, what if one day fans witnessed a "double sword match" by the BLACK duo on stage?

Recently, Korean netizens have discussed an extremely hot topic, which is what will happen if Lisa and Jennie "retail" sub-units. This topic immediately attracted the attention of a large number of netizens, because BLACKPINK is currently the number one girl group, the most noticeable name at this time.

- Awesome! I want to come to BLACKPINK concert so bad!

- They complete each other so well!

- Really beautiful and talented!

- I heard that they're going to have an online concert?

- Please give us a song of JenLisa full of raps!!!

- Are they both rap in English when going on tour?

- I really want to go to BLACKPINK concert one time! I just watched their music video huhu. I want to experience it in real lifeeeee!

- They're super talented. That'll be fantastic when they work together in a sub-unit!

Knet has given many compliments to the duo Jennie and Lisa, and is extremely looking forward to if one day the BLACKPINK rapper duo can collaborate and form a sub-unit. Jennie and Lisa used to take on the role of rappers in the group, not only that, but also with a strong girl-crush style. Fans believe that both of them can extremely effectively complement each other, typically the "double sword match" in the super-hit Kill This Love that once made fans "feverish".

In terms of her temperament when performing, if Jennie often shows her classy aura, Lisa shows her ultimate ability to control expressions, so cool that makes fans overwhelmed. The combination of these two Kpop icons definitely creates an explosive performance.