BLACKPINK Lisa and Kang Daniel Become 'Choeaedol' of December

BLACKPINK Lisa and Kang Daniel Become 'Choeaedol' of December

BLACKPINK Lisa and Kang Daniel are this month's donation angels!

On Saturday, the K-pop idols have become the 63rd charity angels of December, ranking first in the accumulated ranking of the "Hall of Fame" on the popular idol service "Choeaedol."

Lisa and Daniel achieved the most points, which was gathered from Nov. 11 to Dec. 10.

Top 10 "Charity Angels" for 63rd Choeaedol Ranking

Kang Daniel maintained his position as a charity angel by ranking first in the men's individual category with 2,978 points. The solo artist has been receiving the awards for 16 consecutive months, among his 33 charity angels and 30 donation fairies titles - having a total of 63. The current accumulated donation amount that he has is 31.5 million won.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK Lisa has scored 2,981 points out of 3,000 points and became the charity angel in the women's individual category.

The female idol and main dancer of the idol group achieved the honor for five consecutive months, along with four donation fairies titles. Lisa was reported to donate 4.5 million won nine times.

What is "Charity Angel" and "Choeaedol"?

Each month, "Charity Angels" were chosen for each category through a point system and the idol with the most votes will win.

In exchange, Choeaedol will donate a total of 1 million won with 500,000 won each under the names of Kang Daniel and Lisa, who became charity angels, to the Miral Welfare Foundation's job support project for the disabled. The total amount of money donated by "Favorite Idol" amounts to 188.5 million won.

Choeaedol is an idol ranking app that ranks K-pop idols according to the points that they gained and at the same time, becomes a tool for doing good deeds with the help of K-poo fans around the world.