BLACKPINK Gains Over 10 Billion Won In Profit After “THE SHOW” Concert

BLACKPINK Gains Over 10 Billion Won In Profit After “THE SHOW” Concert

“The Show” cements its place as one of the highest-grossing online concerts in history.

BLACKPINK‘s recent online concert, The Show, was a huge hit with fans—so huge, in fact, that it brought in over ₩10 billion KRW in revenue.

Hosted by Youtube Music in partnership with YG Entertainment, The Show was BLACKPINK’s first online concert and the first show in the company’s new concert series, YG Palm Stage. After announcing the concert in early December last year, BLACKPINK finally treated fans to the full event on January 31, 2021.

In true BLACKPINK style, The Show was full of unforgettable moments. Rosé, for example, premiered her solo debut song, “Gone”.

Jennie, meanwhile, wrote a whole new rap for her own solo song, “SOLO”.

On top of that, Jisoo re-arranged Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” in full Korean.

And who could forget Lisa‘s incredible cover of Doja Cat’s “Say So”?

Given how packed the 90-minute concert was, it should come as no surprise that BLINKs from around the world flocked to buy tickets. Of course, that doesn’t make the total numbers BLACKPINK pulled in any less incredible.

In total, BLACKPINK sold a staggering 280,000 tickets, surpassing the 205,000 seats they sold during their Japan Dome Tour last year.

With tickets selling for ₩36,000 KRW (about $32.20 USD) to ₩48,000 KRW (about $43.00 USD) depending on whether fans wanted special benefits like the behind video series, The Show generated an incredible ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.95 million USD) in total.

Plus, YG Entertainment has noted that the figure doesn’t even include the concert’s merchandise sales. According to estimations from NEWSIS, the revenue from BLACKPINK’s The Show goods is likely to bring their total sales up to ₩15.0 billion KRW (about $13.4 million USD).

Fans may not be able to see BLACKPINK in person right now, but that isn’t stopping anyone from showering them with support.


9 Things About BLACKPINK’s “The Show” That We Won’t Forget Anytime Soon

BLACKPINK held their first online concert THE SHOW on January 31, 2021. Many things were revealed during the event, from re-arranged songs to band versions, solo stages, original tracks, and more.

Below are just some parts that fans will not forget anytime soon!

1. When the set was stunning

The set for the concert was large and beautifully decorated for each song. It was spacious enough to house numerous dancers, the members themselves, props, and a live band.

The water floor for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was one of the most eye-catching parts!

2. When Jennie wrote a new rap for “SOLO”

“SOLO” may be two years old but it felt as fresh as ever in THE SHOW. Jennie made a new rap about confidence and being the best. She referenced “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, being on the cover of all major magazines, and how thankful she is to BLINKs.

3. When Lisa impressed with her rap

Attitude and class were Lisa’s trademarks that she conveyed best in her rap. She was laidback and confident, proving her seniority and years of experience.

4. When Jisoo made a Korean version of “Habits (Stay High)”

Jisoo made jaws drop with her fully translated Korean version of Tove Lo’s 2014 song “Habits”. Her vocals were stable the entire time and the emotion in her voice was clear.

She re-arranged “Habits” to make it more sorrowful and emotional, fitting her individual style as a singer.

5. When Rosé slayed with her outfits

Rosé undoubtedly had some of the prettiest clothes during the concert!

One of her outfits that was discussed far and wide on Korean social media sites was her modified Moncler jacket. It was both cropped and made into a skirt for a coherent and creative look.

6. When the backup dancers were stunning

The girls weren’t the only ones who dazzled the audience with their charisma and fashion sense. Their dancers were all gorgeous and talented, improving each stage with their presence.

Both the girls and the dancers posted photos together online, expressing their gratitude for each other and showing off their closeness.

7. When Lisa’s solo stage began

Lisa covered Dojo Cat‘s 2020 hit “Say So” for her solo stage. She gave it a jazz-inspired concept with her outfit and mic stand. Her dance break, rap, and consistent vocals were kryptonite to fans!

8. When “Sour Candy” was played

The performance version of “Sour Candy” was sassy and sweet, and with the dancers, it was even better than expected!

Their outfits were perfect for the song, their poker faces were very Lady Gaga-esque, and the excitement they stirred up in fans was incomparable to anything.

9. When Rosé performed “GONE”

Last but certainly not the least, Rosé killed it with her solo stage! Her original song was revealed to be entitled “GONE”. It’s a fully English track that shows off her unique vocal color and melancholic music style.

No one can deny that THE SHOW was impressive from start to finish!