BLACKPINK Fans Defend Jennie Against New “Lazy” Accusations From Recent “Shut Down” Performance

BLACKPINK Fans Defend Jennie Against New “Lazy” Accusations From Recent “Shut Down” Performance

“It’s not a dance practice, it’s how you drive the stage and your part.”

BLACKPINK recently performed their latest hit, “Shut Down”, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was met with criticism and disappointment towards the host and the setting/camerawork, while the members were praised for their performance and professionalism.

At least, for the most part, the members were receiving positive comments from fans and netizens over their showcase, though it seems that no BLACKPINK comeback will ever come without some kind of backlash or hateful comments from a few loud antis.

Jennie, in particular, seems to get an unfair amount of hate for some reason, perhaps most notably her “lazy” scandal where people criticized how she changed her dance moves in certain performances. Thankfully she also received a lot of support from BLINKs during these times, but it looks like history might be repeating itself after the group’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


On an online forum post simply titled “Jennie…”, a gif was shared that compared Jennie’s rap verse in “Shut Down” during the live show to the same choreography in the group’s official performance video. In the gif, the BLACKPINK member noticeably simplifies the dance while focusing on her live rap.

Kembali Dituduh Lakukan 'Lazy Dance' Saat Live, Netizen Lindungi Jennie  BLACKPINK! | Kpop Chart

The author wrote on the post, “This is their first comeback 2 years after their last comeback and Jennie is still like that… Looks like Jennie is deciding to skip on all the choreography to look hip instead”.

While a few comments responding to the post had similar criticisms to how Jennie changed the dance during the live show…

  • “The choreo isn’t that intensive though. And the other members are singing/rapping live too but they perform with more energy during their parts. I’m sorry but you can tell she has no passion for the stage.”
  • “Help. Jennie literally looks like she doesn’t want to be there”
  • “‘Her rap is demanding so that is why she has no stage presence’ is the weirdest saddest excuse for bad performance”

There were many more coming for Jennie’s defense and showing her support.

  • “Jennie has always done this. When she wants to get the rap right she does what comes naturally to her instead of following the choreography to the letter. She adds her own spin.. you know… like real performers. It shows off her confidence more than anything. Are they supposed to be robots?”
  • “She’s a singer, of course she needs to perform liveㅋㅋ If you just want to watch people dance on stage..ㅎㅎ That’s not BLACKPINK”
  • “She has f*cking lots of rap lines and she needs to do that choreo too. Do you prefer her lipsyncing then?”
  • “I saw the video and she did very well. Just because she skipped the dance routine during her rap to focus on her live doesn’t mean she has no passion. the people who attended good us they performed again just for blinks with “blink” version choreo and Jennie was the one who suggested it. Of course you can have opinions but stop acting as if your opinion is a fact”
  • “i watched the stage and they did fine, the only problem is why that stage dark and gloomy af i would be annoyed to perform in such condition too lmao”
  • “many of you criticize bp for that, for not following the choreography 100% and doing his part a free style but even with steps from the original choreography, for me that’s what a concert is about, it’s not a dance practice, it’s how you drive the stage and your part. I have always liked that they do that of western artists”

It’s clear to see that Jennie and BLACKPINK have way more supporters than haters, and that the few nasty commentors can just be especially loud sometimes.


We definitely encourage people to keep sending support Jennie’s way!

Source: Koreaboo