Apink EunJi Talks First Remake Album 'log,' The Album's Creative Process, And Her Life Journey

Apink EunJi Talks First Remake Album 'log,' The Album's Creative Process, And Her Life Journey

Jeong EunJi, who turned 30 this year, made her much-anticipated solo return with a new album, marking her first comeback as a solo artist in two years and three months since her fourth mini-album 'Simple' in July of 2020.

EunJi's first solo remake album, 'log,' is a word that means "to record." 'log' is an album that compares her life and years to travel and journey and reinterprets the recorded album with predecessors' music. This album features popular songs from the 1990s to the 2010s, incorporating Jeong EunJi's past, present, and future pursuits and experiences. She has actively participated in album production and captured her life since the beginning of the song selection process.

The main song, "Journey For Myself," is a reinterpretation of Buzz's song, which is still popular today, and was composed by minGtion. Life is a journey, and she hopes that by writing this song, she can bring comfort to everyone who travels through it, including herself.

This album contains five songs, "Journey For Myself," "Blue Whale," "Dream," "For Love," and "About Thirty," in addition to the title track. EunJi, who celebrated her 30th birthday, also sang a song by Kim Kwang-seok titled "Around Thirty." Delivering the sincere consolation by the song from YB's "Blue Whale," singing the feelings of coming to Seoul from Busan, her hometown at a young age - "Dream" by Cho Yong-pil; and "For Love" by Kim Jong-hwan, which is a song dedicated to her mother.

To commemorate EunJi's long-awaited solo comeback, allkpop spoke with her about her first remake album, 'log,' the message she wants listeners to hear, her life journey, and more. Continue reading to learn more about Jeong EunJi!

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allkpop: First of all, we want to congratulate you on your new remake album, 'log'! How did you find the preparations? What was the creative process like?

EunJi: It was a masterpiece, and the fact that I could put the songs that were originally great and gave me strength back into my album was a bit heavy, but I think I was able to work more happily.

allkpop: You hope that the song "Journey For Myself" will bring comfort to everyone. You also sing the emotions of the other songs. How did you express yourself in the recording studio in order to deliver the songs' messages in the way you want them to be received by the listeners?

EunJi: I wanted to sing in Jeong EunJi's style while maintaining the original mood. I prepared a lot of singing styles, but I'm not sure if the listeners will like them. Everyone may feel differently after listening to this song, but I hope it comforts everyone.

allkpop: You have actively participated in the album's creation. How did you go about choosing the songs to include in this remake album?

EunJi: I have heard it so many times that it can be said that they are the BGM of each stage of my life. I chose songs that are both memorable and touching to me, and I think they're very meaningful songs.

allkpop: Do you have any amusing or memorable behind-the-scenes stories from the music video shoot that you'd like to share with us?

EunJi: I remember having a lot of fun filming despite the rush. The view was also very pretty, so I think it came out well.

allkpop: What life experiences have led you to where you are today? Please tell us about your journey as an artist and as a person so far.

EunJi: Like everyone else, I went through the journey of being happy, sad, and angry, but these days, I'm grateful for each day.

allkpop: If you had the opportunity to time travel, would you prefer to go to the past or the future, and why?

EunJi: I want to go back to the past. I want to remember the things, memories, and people I forgot again.

allkpop: Please leave a message for our readers and your fans who have been there for you since the beginning!

EunJi: Hello, this is Jeong EunJi. The album that I prepared with a happy heart came out to the world, so I can greet you all. The album is filled with songs that can help and cheer you in many ways, so I hope you have a pleasant trip while listening to it.

Source: Allkpop